Monday, September 1, 2008

I love Rock and Roll!

So, I have been MIA for the past little while! I have been in my "dungeon" (as I jokingly call my preschool room when it feels like I live in it ). Yep, that time of year again! I've been planning, copying, copying, copying (about 2000 copies to be exact). Cutting, cutting, cutting, and more cutting! You get the idea! I'm trying to get EVERYTHING all ready to go for the first month of preschool.

When I'm not planning, copying, or cutting, I have been playing Rock Band! So. Stinking. Fun! I LOVE the drums. I can do fairly well at singing too, but I pretty much suck on the guitar! About every night for the past week, Jason and I have been playing after the kids go to bed. This game is one of the few I can play without getting motion sick! Lame ha!! So I'm pretty much addicted to it.

Last weekend, we had Melinda and Duane over to play. Melinda did the vocals on the Beasty Boys song Sabotage! It was hilarious! Everyone was laughing so hard we were crying! It's pretty hard to see the notes through tears! Yep. Pretty funny. Especially when she's the relief society president of her ward!!

Needless to say, we have been enjoying the gift we gave to our girls for their birthdays! Saturday, we picked up a second guitar too, so now we can really jam!
So, ya, my life has been preschool and Rock Band. Both equally important!
Songs for this post:
I love Rock and Roll- Joan Jet
I think I'm Paranoid- Garbage (my new favorite song!)


Nene said...

Everyone talks about Rock Band. Have I yet to play? No! Am I inviting myself over? Maybe. I'll let you take it from here... :) Oh, and I appreciate all your planning, copying and cutting. So will Brycie!

Panamenos said...

boy, can i empathize with your copying. somewhat with your cutting... i try not to do too much of that in 3rd grade. i think i made something like 2,000 copies before school started. such fun.

ella will also appreciate all your hard work. :) thanks. She can hardly wait until preschool starts again on thursday.

Shill and Company said...

How does it feel to be such hip parents? Do your kids realize how stinkin' awesome you and Jason are? I certainly hope so. That games sounds like a blast!