Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Don't Blink

I just wanted to give some advise to all my peeps out there with young children.....

DON'T BLINK! Your kids will be teenagers before you can say "Bob's your uncle"

Write down EVERYTHING! Blog it, journal it, write it on a piece of scrap paper, put it in your phone as a note... anything, but write it down. You won't remember the funny and sweet things if you don't!

Just yesterday, I was telling Jason some of the sweet things that Super said about her first day back at school. And guess what? I CAN"T REMEMBER WHAT SHE SAID! I don't know what happened to my memory, but it's frustrating, the past few years my memory has gone down the drain! How stupid is it that I can't remember what she said to me YESTERDAY!!!!

And then, because sometimes , well probably lots of times, my writing doesn't make sense, so I would like to clarify:
Loo is only 12, she just acts like she's 13! (in 7th grade now)
Sue turned 17 she's a Senior now
Super is 7 she's in 2nd grade
Me...I am 35, almost 36. I really don't feel old except when I tell people my kids' ages. Particularly Sue's age. (Most parents of 17 year olds are about 40 or older.) And also when I can't remember anything. I am Dorey. I just need to tell myself. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!" I guess that's good advise!

Here are some then and now pictures: (I borrowed this idea from my friend Janene...awesome blogger by the way. Even if you don't know her, her blogs are hilarious! You can check her out at "Fordhams" on my sidebar)

Sue's first day of Kindergarten:

Sue now:

Loo in Kindergarten:

Loo now:

Super's first day in preschool (Kindergarten wasn't long enough ago)

Super now:

Me in Kindergarten:

me now:

Jason in kindergarten:

Jason now:

Wow! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 5 o'clock shaddow.
mm mm mm sexy

Song for this post:
Don't Blink: Kenny Chesney (I'm not really a country fan, but the words to the song are fitting)

Monday, August 25, 2008


Check out her hair! And I just love the mole on her neck.

Caught red handed!
Super likes to sneak my camera. I can always tell when she does it though, 'cause there is inevitably a self-portrait or two... or five! And there is almost always a picture of one of our pets. Today, Dax was her subject. If you look closely, on the left of Dax, there are some stuffed animals. Well, they showed up a few pictures later.

This is a cute picture of her though! What a sweet dog!

Song for this post: I'm too sexy. By Alvin and the Chipmunks

Back to school

(blurry picture. What the heck ?)

Friday was Loo's first day of school. Sue and Super went back today. The house was strangely quiet!
(self portraits)

True story: You know how most people cry when their little kindergartner goes off to school, well I don't remember feeling sad when Lexie went to kindergarten, but for some reason, I was bawling when she went to 7th grade! Wednesday night was orientation. I turned to Loo and asked her if she was overwhelmed, and then I started with the water works. I felt like an idiot. But for some reason, I just felt like she shouldn't be old enough to go to such an awful place. Not necessarily the school, but Jr. High in general. It was the pits for me, and I don't feel that any kid should have to endure it. So. Yah, I was bawling. Like a baby. Thankfully I pulled myself together pretty quickly.

(do you think I could benefit from a photography class?)
And, today, when I took Super to school. I couldn't help thinking that she was going to be in that big giant school all by herself. Well, not by herself, but with no big sisters there to look out for my little Pumpkin Head. I almost started crying today too. What's with me. I think maybe my bladder has moved to my eyeballs!
Super and Ms. Spencer

Thankfully I didn't get sad about Sue going to school today. She is a SENIOR! Crap! How did that happen? But really I am so excited for her that I don't have time to be sad. I just love that she's on a mission. So-to-speak. She told me today after school that school is going to be so "amazing" this year and that she just loves it. We couldn't be happier about her change in attitude. Last year, she was so ready to be done with school. All she could talk about was getting out of school. It's a nice change!
So... in the end, I am sad because my kids won't stop growing up, but my kids are so excited to be in school and getting older!
Songs for this post:
Beautiful Day- U2
We're Going to be Friends- White Stripes (I think this is the BEST back to school song EVER)


It was so fun! We were all able to ride everything together. (That was a first for us)

Super and Loo both rode Colossus for the first time and loved it. Super kept wanting to get back on over and over and over.

New Do

Everyone always post pictures of their new hair cuts, so I thought... when in Rome!
Just a side-note...notice how straight my teeth are looking?!? Only 2 more trays and I'm done with my Invisalign :D

Sunday, August 24, 2008


This is how we spent the day of Sue's birthday:

At Jiffy Lube! How fun is that?!?!
So here's what happened-
I got an oil change that morning at Jiffy Lube, and apparently they didn't put the radiator cap back on, SO my car overheated on the freeway!
It was awesome! We were driving along just fine, then my AC stopped working. I thought maybe it was just time to get it charged, but then I looked at my car's temperature gauge and noticed it was way beyond the hot mark! When I pulled off the freeway, there was steam coming out of the hood. NICE!
I was able to pull into Golf in the Round. It was the closest thing off the freeway with a parking lot. A nice man came and helped me. He found my radiator cap in a little crevice. Then he helped me get my car over to a hose and he filled up my radiator with water so that I could take it back to Jiffy Lube.
Thankfully, I made it to Jiffy Lube just before the car overheated again. They had to flush my radiator and give me a new cap and gasket for it. What a pain in the butt!

Finally, about 2 hours after we left the house, we could finally get the errands done that we needed to do before taking the girls out to dinner for their birthdays.

Dinner was very nice! We went to Tepanyaki. Loo had some sushi, Super had chicken, and the rest of us had steak. YUM-O!

Once we got home for dinner, we gave the girls Rock Band. We don't usually combine b-day gifts but we thought that if everyone would be playing it eventually, it shouldn't go to just one of them. Anyway, after that, we gave Sue the rest of her presents. She got some work out shoes, her hair colored and some jewelry. It's so hard to wrap my head around the fact that she is 17!!! Saying that makes me feel OLD!

Saturday was Loo's birthday. She got a Sansa Fuze with Sansa paraphernalia, the Mamma Mia soundtrack, and a makeup bag. Yes, she is wearing make-up now...and a new attitude. Not sure how I feel about the latter. She went from 11 to 13. I don't know where 12 went :(

Monday, August 18, 2008

Many, Many, Many Grey Hairs Ago....

Sue was born. She came into this world on August 21, 1991 at 4:08 pm. weighing 6 lbs 14 oz and was 19 inches long. She was the smallest of our clan.

She was a pretty funny little kid. Looking back on old pictures, we can see her attitude showing through! It's hilarious! Sue had a theme song when she was younger too.... Devil Inside by INXS. She had a nickname to go along with the song too... Lucy; short for Lucifer! :)

When she was 2 years old (it was Nov. '93), Sue and I were at a restaurant eating lunch, when our server came up and said "oh, how old is your little girl?" before I could reply, Sue answered, "Shut-up dumb lady! Don't look at me!" I kid you not, she really said that. And she was 2!!!! You can imagine how proud I was.

When she was about 3, we lived in an apartment complex that had a creek running in between the buildings and a pond at the end. We could see them from our balcony. Kids used to play in the water all the time, and I would tell Sue that she should never play in that water. For one thing, it was a decoration, but the other reason is she could drown. Well, one day, some kids were outside playing in the water, and Sue took it upon herself to make sure they got out and stayed out. She yelled (from our top-floor balcony) "GET OUT OF THE TAMPOND!"

And Sue said a number of other things that were pretty funny too. She outgrew most of them by the time she was in kindergarten.
gackume= vacuum
odorant= yogurt
blananas= bananas
Mountain Dewey= rusty (she confused mildew with rust)

And, you know what? Sometimes, she still says funny things! Last month, Loo said something that really showed how innocent she still is. (can't remember what though), but I said "Oh, Loo sometimes I can tell you are 11" and Sue said "who me?" Yes, Sue, we can tell you are still 11!
But, I must say, we are VERY proud of the lady she has become. In the past year, she has grown up a ton! This past November, she sent her missionary off to New York. They have plans to marry when he comes home. She bought her own car. She worked up to a supervisor at her work, and she saves almost every cent she makes there. She starts cosmetology this month. She is also paying for her school herself! 1200 smackers per semester! She has got a great head on her shoulders!
Happy Birthday hun! We are so proud of you!

The birth of "Pooh Bear"

She was born on August 23rd at 7:58am. She weighed 8 lbs 11.5 oz and was 20 inches long. She was my heaviest baby! When she was born, my grandma teased me and said that I gave birth to a toddler. We soon nicknamed her Pooh Bear 'cause she was stuffed with fluff!

One time, when we were at the grocery store, a woman came up and said "What a fat little baby" Jason turned to her and said "Look who's talking!" (you don't mess with Jason's girls)

Loo loved her binky. No, let me try again, she LOVED her binky. When we thought it was time to get rid of it, we decided we weren't going to buy any more. That was hard. Her binky started getting sticky on the end of it, and soon after that, it started getting a whole. We have her on video telling Jason to "Fix it Daddy, Fix it! My binky's bwokeen". She was sobbing her heart out. Jason told her she had to throw it away, that he couldn't fix it. She cried even more. It wasn't even like throwing a fit either, she was truly sad by the death of her binky. (Every time I watch that movie, I cry)

Loo had a really scruffy voice when she was younger too. She also had trouble saying her R's W's and L's. She grew out of it by the time she got to first grade. I guess that was better for her as far as school goes, but as parents, we were heartbroken!

When Loo was little, she could sleep anywhere! Under the table, on the table, on her rocking cow, brushing her teeth, eating dinner... anywhere!

From the time Loo began eating solid foods, she has been the best eater! She ate everything we would give her (except for mashed potatoes) She is STILL the best eater in the house. She will try everything at least once. Some of her favorite foods include sushi, salmon, crab, shrimp, lasagna, and chocolate. She can't get enough Hershey's kisses, just plain chocolate bars and chocolate chips.

Here's some more things that we love about Loo:
She is super creative. She can turn ANYTHING into art or a game or something to play with. She is very very witty. Most of the time, she is very easy going. She is smart. She has ultra soft ears. She has dimples. She loves the Twilight series. She loves animals and has aspired to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

Happy birthday Sweetie! We love you!