Monday, August 18, 2008

Many, Many, Many Grey Hairs Ago....

Sue was born. She came into this world on August 21, 1991 at 4:08 pm. weighing 6 lbs 14 oz and was 19 inches long. She was the smallest of our clan.

She was a pretty funny little kid. Looking back on old pictures, we can see her attitude showing through! It's hilarious! Sue had a theme song when she was younger too.... Devil Inside by INXS. She had a nickname to go along with the song too... Lucy; short for Lucifer! :)

When she was 2 years old (it was Nov. '93), Sue and I were at a restaurant eating lunch, when our server came up and said "oh, how old is your little girl?" before I could reply, Sue answered, "Shut-up dumb lady! Don't look at me!" I kid you not, she really said that. And she was 2!!!! You can imagine how proud I was.

When she was about 3, we lived in an apartment complex that had a creek running in between the buildings and a pond at the end. We could see them from our balcony. Kids used to play in the water all the time, and I would tell Sue that she should never play in that water. For one thing, it was a decoration, but the other reason is she could drown. Well, one day, some kids were outside playing in the water, and Sue took it upon herself to make sure they got out and stayed out. She yelled (from our top-floor balcony) "GET OUT OF THE TAMPOND!"

And Sue said a number of other things that were pretty funny too. She outgrew most of them by the time she was in kindergarten.
gackume= vacuum
odorant= yogurt
blananas= bananas
Mountain Dewey= rusty (she confused mildew with rust)

And, you know what? Sometimes, she still says funny things! Last month, Loo said something that really showed how innocent she still is. (can't remember what though), but I said "Oh, Loo sometimes I can tell you are 11" and Sue said "who me?" Yes, Sue, we can tell you are still 11!
But, I must say, we are VERY proud of the lady she has become. In the past year, she has grown up a ton! This past November, she sent her missionary off to New York. They have plans to marry when he comes home. She bought her own car. She worked up to a supervisor at her work, and she saves almost every cent she makes there. She starts cosmetology this month. She is also paying for her school herself! 1200 smackers per semester! She has got a great head on her shoulders!
Happy Birthday hun! We are so proud of you!


Shill and Company said...
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Panamenos said...

Your stories were hilarious. I was laughing so hard that Alfredo had to come see what I was reading. He laughed too. She sounds like so much fun, so much personality.

Nene said...

I love that she told the waitress off. I still laugh about the time I went to Arctic Circle and was beyond friendly because, hey, it was teacher's daughter according to Bryce, and Kylie was like, "Whoa!" I sometimes need to remind myself that just because I recognize people really easily, it doesn't mean they recognize me! Anyway, cute post! Though I still scratch my head when I picture you having a sixteen year old. Dude, you don't age!