Friday, August 13, 2010

My life right now consists of 3 basic things:


Work has it's ups and downs. I'm thankful for the job and being able to make a little extra money to pay for the wedding. Today though, I listened to one of my phone calls because I had a "coaching tip" aka something I did wrong. I was so embarrassed. I said the word "crap" on a phone call. The moment I said it, I thought that was probably not my best choice of words. Thankfully, the card member didn't mind. If I hadn't said that one word, I would have gotten a perfect score! Bummer.
Preschool is getting ready to start. I seriously can't wait to start! I have so many cool things that I'm adding to my program this year. It's gonna be awesome! Oh, and I have a new preschool room, which I'm totally stoked about. I'm getting ready to paint in the next couple days. Hopefully that goes smoothly.
Wedding...I updated that in the last post.

In the midst of it all, I'm trying to be a good mom, a good wife, a good housekeeper, pay bills, and take care of myself too. Good news is I've lost 36 pounds now and I only have 9 more until I reach my goal!

How sad is this...I can't even think of a song. I think I've lost my mo-jo. :(


Wedding Bells

The wedding bells are beginning to ring. We're knee deep in planning right now. Since I last updated the plans, we've met with the florist and ordered the flowers, designed the bridesmaid dresses and are having them made as we speak, the cake has been decided upon and will be ordered soon, and tomorrow, we're meeting with a photographer to look at her work and get a quote. (think cheap thoughts on this one. Trust me, we need it)
Until next time,