Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm your mailman baby!

As promised, I deliver!

I said I would tell you about #16 on the why I'm all that and a bag o chips post! It reads "Picked up the van that crushed my leg and pinned me down after I chopped up my arm with an axe."

So, here's the skinny:

We were loaded up in the good old Escort, headed for the mountains for a family camping trip with the WHOLE fam damily. We were caravaning with Kim and Darin and their kids. Kim and Darin got a flat right at the point of the mountain. They didn't know they had a flat (this was before the cool little light that tells you your tire pressure is low). We told them they had a flat by playing a freeway charades game, well, not really a game, but you get the idea. (This was also before we had a cell phone) They pulled off to the side of the road. We did too. So the guys proceeded in taking off the old tire to put the spare on.

You know how some cars have the spare under the vehicle? Well, that's where their spare was.

So, their van was jacked up (literally) and the flat tire was off, and Darin was under the van trying to get the spare off. It wasn't coming off for anything.

I don't know who's bright idea it was to get a newly sharpened ax to try to pry off the spare, but someone did. It wasn't budging for Darin, so Jason thought he had a better way of getting it off. So Darin gets out from under neath, and Jason goes under. His head, and all of the upper part of his body were under the van while he tugged and pried, and pulled trying to get that stupid spare off! (Jason is very strong. He wouldn't tell anyone this but he is. He has very very strong arms and hands. One time, he bear-hugged our 4 1/2 feet tall maple dresser full of clothes and moved it from our bedroom to the kitchen). So, I don't know what happened first. The spare finally breaking free, OR the van (full of kids and camping gear) falling off the jack and onto Jason, the ax and Jason's arm; but the end result was that my husband was pinned under the van and the ax had cut his arm pretty severely. He was losing quite a bit of blood. And he couldn't get out from under because the van was literally on top of his thigh.

You know how on the shoulder of the freeway, allot of times, it slants off? Well, Kim thought that the van was going to roll off the shoulder and down the embankment with her kids inside, so she started pushing the van away from the shoulder with all her might. I can't remember where Darin was, I'm sure he was trying to help in some way, but I don't remember. I could tell that the van wasn't going to be rolling anywhere, it wasn't even close, but from where Kim was standing it looked like it was.

I knew that if we were going to get my husband out from under the van, we needed to lift it up and off of him. I remember frantically trying to make eye contact with the drivers passing by, trying to get them to see that we needed help, but I'm sure to people driving by, it looked like we had things under control. After all, there were 2 men, 2 cars, 2 wives, etc, so of course, no one stopped.

I went to the corner of the van and lifted up thinking that this wasn't going to do anything, but I couldn't just stand there and let my husband be pinned under that van. All of the sudden, he slid out. Miraculously, he could walk. Remember how the van was on top of his thigh and the van was full of kids and gear?

Once out and standing, Jason ripped his shirt off and wrapped it around his arm to try to slow the bleeding a bit. Then the two of us had no choice but to leave Darin and Kim and the van and kids, stuck on the side of the road. We had to find a hospital. But there were just a couple more problems. #1 We had no idea where the nearest hospital was. #2 Our car was so weighed down with gear, that we couldn't even go the speed limit without the car fishtailing all over the road.

I found the closest exit. Thankfully it had a gas station right off the road. When I went inside, it was very busy. There was a really long line at the cash register. I didn't want to cut in line, but I wasn't trying to buy a coke, I needed to get to a hospital. So, I said, very loudly, so everyone in the gas station could hear me over the hustle and bustle "I need to find a hospital now!" The clerk gave me a series of go here and turn left, go there and turn right kind of things (but remember, I don't know my way around this town) I must have had a very discouraged look on my face. This sweet girl in her early 20's told me I could follow her up to the hospital. And so I did.

The cut on his arm was huge. It was about 3 inches long and at least a 1/2 inch deep. You could see all this red fleshy stuff inside. It was scary and gross. Once at the hospital, they admitted Jason right away. After what seemed like hours later, the doctor came out and told us that the ax had missed his tendons, and because the ax was just barely sharpened, the cut was very clean and straight, making it much easier to stitch and finally to heal.

So that's my story... and I'm sticking to it!
Today's songs:
Had a Bad Day by Daniel Powter (cause that was kind of a bad day)
Better by Regina Spektor (for 2 reasons. 1 it's Jason's favorite Regina song, and 2- cause sometimes a kiss can make it better, but sometimes, you need a Perkaset)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Brandi's Birthday!

Hello one and all!

Jason here wanting to spread the word that it is my lovely wife's birthday. And I get to take this blog over for a very short time to tell everyone what a great wife she is. How will I be doing this you ask? Pictures? Video? No that might be a little revealing. (Well maybe just a pick or 2) No I will be giving you 100 reasons why I love my wife in no particular order. Now these are not the only reasons mind you, just a random sampling.

And if you were thinking "Hey!! He stole this idea from so and so!" All I can say is tough! If they can remake Knight Rider for the third time I can use this idea.

And on a side note. I had to change your password Brandi so call me and I will let you know what it is. Sorry.

100 things I love about my wife
1. She is the most honest person I have ever met.
2. Is easy to read. This is very helpful when your as dumb as I am.
3. We are the same age.
4. She will sit down and watch SciFi with me.
5. Her gentile personality.
6. She always knows what I am thinking. Sometimes this isn't very good when your as dumb as I am.
7. She loves me for who I am. I know this sounds cliche but I really mean it. She found me broken
and she hasn't tried to fix me.
8. Isn't afraid of acting silly.
9. Is a terrific teacher, with both our children and the preschool kids.
10. Allowed our family to get pets and now she loves them to.
11. Is a good driver.
12. Played golf with me.
13. Is a great cook.
14. Let's me know when I am walking out the door dressed like an idiot.
15. Taught me how to wash laundry the right way.
16. Picked up the van that crushed my leg and pinned me down after I chopped up my arm with an axe.
17. Enjoys doing yard work.
18. Gave birth to the 3 most beautiful,intelligent silly girls.
19. Really good at giving hugs.
20. Very hard worker.
21. A great sense of humor.
22. A great kisser.
23. We do all of our home projects together.
24. Great drummer on Rock Band. I usually try to hard of a setting on the guitar and she bails me out.
25. She will talk about Battlestar Galactica with me.
26. Takes the time to scrapbook/blog our family's memories.
27. Loves Disneyland
28. Let me buy a cool car because she wanted me safe.
29. Has a sexy voice.
30. Her smile melts me.
31. Can be very independent
32. Never teased me when I had a mullet.
33. She will let me have Xbox parties at our house.
34. Is a stay at home mom.
35. Has an affinity for elf culture.
36. Makes cute sounds while falling asleep.
37. Has good taste in decorating.
38. Sings around our house.
39. Didn't marry me for my money. Probably because I don't have any.
40. We have so much in common.
41. Is adventurous
42. She can do the splits.
43. Her big beautiful blue/green eyes.
44. Loves to cuddle with our kids.
45. The way she emphasizes words, every. SINGLE…TIME. She wants to make a point.
46. She is a wonderful mother.
47. Speaks her mind.
48. Isn't afraid to try new things,
49. Unless it is medicine. Then it is hysterical watching her try to get it down.
50. Loves to talk…. a lot.
51. Enjoys reading.
52. Knows how to talk a little smack.
53. Very good at handling our finances.
54. Picks up our kids from school so they don't have to walk home.
55. Enjoys a good get together.
56. Great taxi driver.
57. Never shy.
58. Has strong morals.
59. Gives me too much credit.
60. She volunteers at our girl's school whenever she can.
61. Never plays mind games.
62. Achieves the goals she sets.
63. Makes me laugh.
64. She can do all the things I can't.
65. Very good at board games.
66. Will cry at some point in almost any movie.
67. Can fall asleep faster than anyone in the history of the world.
68. Likes to travel.
69. Has a song for everything.
70. That our children took after her good looks instead of me.
71. Takes care of most of the day to day errands we have.
72. Gets me out of my shell.
73. Enjoys roller coasters.
74. She can remember all of our account numbers.
75. Will dress up for Halloween.
76. Has good taste in movies. With the exception of Top Gun, man I hate that movie!
77. Loves seafood.
78. She will eat my cooking.
79. Has done all of our taxes since she started her business.
80. Enjoys bike riding and going on walks.
81. I'm going to keep this rated PG.
82. She has a crush on her dentist. And I get to tease her about it.
83. In 12 years we will be able to travel anywhere we would like to go.
84. Has a wild side not everyone gets to see.
85. She is good with computers.
86. Has named all of our pets.
87. She can't keep a secret when it comes to gift giving.
88. Knows the value of good home electronics.
89. She likes leather… couches.
90. Is a good roll model for our girls.
91. Very good at crafts.
92. Let me decorate with Frank Sinatra photos.
93 She knows what frak and frell mean.
94. Works hard to keep our house clean.
95. Blushes bright red when she is embarrassed.
96. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever met.
97. As well as I know her she can still surprise me.
98. Doesn't hold a grudge.
99. Very intelligent.
100. She has been my best friend for more than 13 years.
Songs for this post: Secret Garden and Thought about You

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Witchy Woman

Is it witchey woman or witchay woman? (Maybe I should ask Elaine and Jerry!

Well, I don't know, but either way, it is my song for tonight! We did one of our annual witch festival jaunts. We went so that I could create an activity for my little scholars to do during our field trip next week. I'm doing sort of an I spy type of thing

The girls have fun posing next to the witches. Jason and I have fun taking pictures. We all have fun eating the delicious goodies that are found at Gardner Village! We came home with an apple core (from a tasty caramel apple) and a pound of fudge!

5 Faves for today have to be:
  1. Fall at Gardner Village
  2. Fudge at Sweet Afton's
  3. Picures of the girls
  4. Witchy Poo
  5. Halloween in general

The Big Question!

This time of year, children everywhere are scattered about asking themselves "what do I want to be for Halloween?" I wanted to get the ball rolling in case I needed to buy something off the Internet. So I asked Smash what she wants to be for Halloween. She replied "Claire Bennett". So cute! The problem is there aren't any Claire Bennett costumes. There are a zillion High School Musical cheerleader costumes, but no Claire. Dang it!
It looks like I will be making Super's costume this year. Wish me luck! I plan to go to DI and see if I can find a cheer-leader looking skort or skirt and put sew some yellow and white bias tape around the bottom and up the side of it. Then I thought I would buy 2 shirts, a plain white t-shirt and a long sleeve red one. I will cut the sleeves off both t-shirts, then re-connect them so that the red sleeves are now on the white shirt. I thought I could design the school logo on the front of the t-shirt, and then, so that people are clear, I will do an iron-on on the back too that says BENNETT or HEROES. If anyone has any other suggestions on how I go about my little task, I would LOVE to hear them!
Wish me luck!!
P.S. Super has a crush on Peter Petrelli. She thinks he's a babe! Good thing she's not really Claire! She would have a crush on her uncle!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Tortoise and The Hare

My house is a magnet for stray animals!

In the past few years we have had several pets show up at our house as if they are looking for a new home or a room-for-rent. We have had several dogs show up... including a Jack Russel Tarrier, Pit Bull puppy, boxer puppy, a HUGE Rottweiler, and many, many, many, more. We have also had a box turtle and a game hen meander into our yard (but not together)!

So tonight, we got sweet lop-eared bunny looking for a place to stay. Who knows where she came from. Lucyla (as the kids have named her) almost got ran over by Sue's car. For whatever reason, she was hanging out in her parking place! So weird!

So if you know anyone who is missing a cute white and black bunny, give me a buzz! We would love to give her back to her rightful owners. One last thing I want to add...Loo said she couldn't find any "male parts", but we don't know if it is a girl or a boy.

songs for this post: Hound Dog- Elvis

How Much is That Doggie in the Window

Little Bunny Foo Foo- The Moldy Peaches

BUNNY UPDATE: we found who the bunny belongs to. It's our neighbors to the North of us.

BUNNY UPDATE: we found the bunny again when we gave it to the people, they wanted us to have it! So, now we have a pet bunny named ALICE!

Monday top 5!

Monday's Five Favorites:
  1. Seeing my cute dentist. Yes, he is very cute. Jason and the girls tease me that if at some point I don't come home, they will know where to find me.
  2. Our house is like Motel 6 for pets...don't worry my furry friends, we'll leave the light on for you!
  3. Having someone else's pets for a day. Even though my big-softy 12 year old is sad and crying, that we're making it sleep in the garage. For some reason, she doesn't get that Dax could eat Lucyla in one bite.
  4. Great day at preschool! This is my Monday/Wednesday class' best day yet. Yeah! They are learning the right way to be in school!!! And my lesson went well too thanks to Aspynn's mommy who brought us a real sunflower. It's gianormous!
  5. Have to go with Coke again. Yes, I know it's not good for my teeth...but I brush and floss well. And I have a good dentist who helps me take care of my chompers!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Some Enchanted Evening

Last night we had the opportunity to attend the Gift of Music concert at the Conference Center. It was wonderful! The program consisted of songs and pieces by The Utah Symphony and Tabernacle Choir; with special guests Denyce Graves, and Brian Stokes Mitchell. I had never heard of Denyce Graves before last night. She is a very famous oprah singer (which explains why I don't know her). Brian Stokes Mitchell has performed on broadway several times, and is most famous for Ragtime and Man of La Moncha. That still didn't help me figure out who he is, but this did: he was also the singing voice of Danny Glover in Prince of Egypt. His voice is amazing! His range is incredible. He was a wonderful performer! He even brought tears to my eyes at one point.
Anyway, we are so glad that Duane was able to get some tickets for this, AND that they (Melinda and Duane) wanted to share them with us. Thanks guys for the wonderful evening. A double-date if you will. And Melinda, the cheesecake was delicious!

Saturdays 5 Faves:

  1. Double dates
  2. Brian Stokes Mitchell
  3. Tabernacle Choir
  4. Utah Symphony
  5. My favorite songs of the night: Some Enchanted Evening, They Can't Take that Away from Me, New Words (all sung by BSM)

p.s. This is my 100th post!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Before I kick the bucket....

So my cute friend Dani did a post about her bucket list, and I've been giving mine some thought lately. Hold on to your seat belts, this may be a long one! Note: I'm typing these as I think of them, so they are in no particular order.

  1. Cross country road trip with Jason. We want to visit amusement parks across the nation.
  2. Travel OUTSIDE the U.S.
  3. Visit ALL the Disney parks including Hong Kong, Paris
  4. Become a member of the Disney vacation club. It would be so freaking cool!
  5. Go to Tahiti: I want to stay in one of those resorts with the little huts IN the water. Where your room service is given to you via boat. Yeah, that sounds nice.
  6. Take voice lessons
  7. Buy motorcycles for Jason and I.
  8. Learn to play the piano
  9. Buy a drum kit and learn to play (as soon as Ky moves out, we are totally doing that)
  10. Write a book
  11. Buy a condo so that we don't have to do a yard and we can travel! (we plan to do this when we are about 60)
  12. Go back to school and get a degree in early elem. ed. so that I can be a "real" teacher. I would love to have a class room in a school. Then I would have a place for scrapbooking, working out and drums. (don't get me wrong...I LOVE being a preschool teacher, I would just like to get rid of the stresses that come with doing it independently; like insurance, licensing, and stuff like that)
  13. Be a grandparent and play with my grand kids. Take them to fun places and do fun things with them. And the best part: when they do something stupid, or have bad manners, or they are just plain little shits (don't gasp like you've never wanted to use that word when it comes to your kids, I know you have!) I will laugh at my own children and say "I told you so!"
  14. Be season ticket holders at Hale Theatre. (I hope to make this happen at Christmas this year)

I think that about does it for my bucket list. What's on your list?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday's Faves

Fabulous 5 Favorites for Friday:

  1. Hershey's nuggets with toffee and almonds
  2. Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  3. Fiddler on the Roof- (actually never saw that, but Lexie tried out for that play and made it)
  4. My Grandparents (G&G Harris). I talked to them today. They are amazing!!!
  5. Partially frozen water bottles. I chuck mine in the freezer before I drink it. Delish!

Songs for this post: Maps- by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult.

Did you know...

Shiver me timbers....It's international "Talk Like a Pirate" Day.

So you be needin' to talk like me fellow pirates today!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Super Day!

My 5 Faves for Today:

  1. Reading with Smash: We read 2 Fancy Nancy books both were very cute. Her clothes are exotic (that's a fancy name for weird) and the books are hilarious (that's a fancy name for funny).
  2. Holding Super's hand as we walked off school grounds and to the car.
  3. Singing Super a "lullaby". She doesn't usually call it that, but for some reason, tonight she did. She said "Momma, will you sing me a lullaby?" She even put a hint of sarcasm in the word lullaby because she usually asks me to sing her a song. Tonight, as always, it was It's a Jolly Holiday. The only thing that changes is whether or not I use her name or Mary.
  4. It's Thursday, which means I'm off for 3 days!!!
  5. Playing Rock Band with all of my girls! It is VERY RARE that all girls are home, but tonight they all were! AND We kicked some butt!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting Ready For Beddy

So I'm about to call it a night, and I realized that I haven't posted my 5 faves for today:

  1. Rock Band (just completed my "solo tour" playing drums on MEDIUM) Yeah me!!
  2. Arctic Circle for dinner- first time we have eaten out in about 9 days! That is a record for us. Note: we ate out because I was finishing up my tour on R.B.
  3. Lofty goals for times when my children are at school and the preschoolers aren't here. I believe in setting the bar really high :)
  4. My sweet, sexy husband for not only NOT complaining at the fact that I got nothing done today, but offering to go out to eat. You rock hon!
  5. New toothbrushes! Don't cha just love them.

Randomness: Rock Band 2 comes out November 16.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

None of That Sissy Crap!

I got this funny little email today that I thought I'd share with y'all!

Are you tired of those sissy 'friendship' poems that always sound good, but never actually come close to reality? Well, here is a series of promises that actually speak of true friendship. You will see no cutesy little Smiley faces on this card- Just the stone cold truth of our great friendship.
1. When you are sad --I will jump on the person who made you sad like a spider monkey jacked up on Mountain Dew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. When you are blue -- I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you.
3. When you smile -- I will know you are plotting something that I must be involved in.
4. When you're scared -- we will high tail it out of here.
5. When you are worried -- I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be until you quit whining, ya big baby!!!!
6. When you are confused -- I will use little words.
7. When you are sick --Stay away from me until you are well again. I don't want whatever you have.
8. When you fall -- I'll pick you up and dust you off.
9. This is my oath...I pledge it to the end. 'Why?' you may ask -- because you are my FRIEND!

Friendship is like
peeing your pants,
everyone can see it,
but only you can feel the true warmth.

5 Faves for today:
  1. My blogging buddies!

  2. Comments. (I need them to feel loved!)

  3. My very bestest best friend (who reads every post and helps me come up with music for them) Jason

  4. My playlist- who supports my need to change songs every time I post :)

  5. Google, whom I turn to EVERY time I need help with something blog related. Like song suggestions, pictures, anything! Love ya Google!

Songs for today:

I will Remember You: Sarah McLachlen ...She's one of my faves!
My Best Friend: Queen... Doesn't it seem like Queen comes through for me a lot when it comes to songs for my posts. You gotta love them!
With a Little Help From My Friends: The Beatles

Songs for everything?

This is for Jenny... and anyone else who is wondering:

I change my song every time I post because in my "real" life I have a song for everything! My kids say something and I will start singing a song that goes with the words they said. It could be a Barney song, a song from a musical, an oldie or a song from the radio now, but I can always come up with something! Most of the time, when I'm around other people, I hold in my song choice, but my kids and husband are the lucky ones (lol) who get to hear ALL of them! (Usually accompanied by finger snapping and terrible dancing). Anyway... sometimes I can't think of a song, or I can only think of one, so what I do is ask my hubby or Google it. For instance: I may put in "songs about friendship" or "songs about driving" etc. Google will usually come through for me!

So here are my songs for this post...thought I'm NOT going to put them on my playlist:

Song Song Blue (everybody knows one)- Niel Diamond
Sing. Sing a Song (sing out loud....sing out strong) I have no idea who sings that. I just know the song!
Do Re Me- Julie Andrews (Sound of Music): When you know the notes to can sing most anything!

(side note: I DID NOT use Google for these song choices. In case you were wondering. These came from my own little wooden head!...(that one's from Pinocchio)

So...I don't quite know how I do this. It is just one of my MANY MANY talents! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh Blogger, Where Art Thou?

Just checking in for today.
My fellow bloggers are slowing down. I was looking at who had something new for today, and only 2 people did. Shame on everyone! (Just kidding) You all are very busy I'm sure. Kids are back to school and other extra-curricular activities, which means, time to drive someone here, drive someone else there, etc. But really I just wanted to let each one of you know that I really enjoy reading your blogs (unfortunately, I can't speak for anyone else). Maybe because I have no life... maybe because you are funnier than I am, I don't know. But know this... You are missed.

5 favorites for today:
  1. Sandwiches for dinner (no cooking involved)
  2. Heroes
  3. Our big comfy couch
  4. Blankets to snuggle up with on the previously mentioned couch
  5. Coke and movie treats

Today's songs:

My Doorbell: White Stripes- when you gonna ring my doorbell?

Wait For You: Bonham- 'cause all I can do is wait for you!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

3 Cheers for 3 Girls

I'm so proud of my kids!
Super is adjusting to being the only sibling at her school. In fact, she seems to be doing better now. Last year she was late 2-3 times a week. This year, she started off kind of rocky and was late twice the first week, but now she has completely turned around! She has only been late once since then (That was Fri. when we were cuddling and didn't want to get out of bed) We have a reward chart that is motivating her. She gets 3 stickers if she gets up well, and 3 stickers if she gets to school on time. Then she gets a sticker for each other thing she does to get ready (like hair, get dressed, etc.). Her chart has 50 boxes, and when it's full, she gets to go to the dollar store to pick out something. My younger kids LOVE the dollar store!

Loo has decided she isn't going to sit back and let her Jr. High years pass by without getting involved. So what is she doing? She's getting involved! The week before last, she tried out for a show-choir (sing while you dance thing), she found out Monday that she MADE IT!! And she's not stopping there. No sir eee! She's trying out for the school musical this week (I think). I love it! I love how involved she is getting!

And Sue. Wow! Talk about a full plate! As everyone knows she's doing cosmetology; which takes up 2 class periods each A and B day. Plus, this hair school stuff makes her 40 minutes late to her 3rd and 7th periods!!! Long story... I'll try to summarize very quick: her 3rd and 7th period classes determine which lunch she has, and both of those classes are 2nd lunch. She wouldn't be late at all if she had 1st lunch. And the two classes she is late for are classes she can't or won't drop. And, that's THAT story (whew). The other reasons her plate is so full is that she's still working about 15-20 hours per week, AND the week after Loo tried out for her thing, Sue tried out for her school musical, and MADE IT! So everyday lately her schedule is this: get up at 5:30, leave for school at 6:30, get done with school at 2:30 ish (I don't even know what time she gets out. That's sad) immediately after school is play practice, then straight from there, she goes to work! Busy busy busy! Sue has taken on another small endeavor too. This one, not nearly as time consuming or stressful (thank goodness) she is going to Homecoming! With this cute boy who was nominated for King. Don't worry Trent, if you are reading this...her heart still belongs to you. This guy is just a friend!

Here is my top 5 favorite list for today:
  1. getting up before anyone else in the house so that I don't feel guilty for blogging! (ahh- quiet time)
  2. having teenagers who are getting involved AND maturing!

  3. ... and a little one who is getting lots better at getting ready for school.

  4. a husband who rocks at making dinner (and enjoys it too)

  5. indoor plumbing! No outhouses, just do your business and flush it away (while in your unmentionables)

Song for today:

Kids of the Future: Jonas Brothers

Friday, September 12, 2008

I Will Remember

My heart has been full these last couple of days. Yesterday, when I woke up, a flag had been placed on my lawn in remembrance of 9-11.

I can still remember the events of that day, like it was yesterday. I had been working the night before at Gap doing a big fall floor set. I had come home from work the following morning at about 3:30 or 4. I was quite tired.

At about 10ish, I started becoming a bit more coherent. My baby needed to fed. I had the TV on and I remember not really paying much attention to it. It looked like the people were talking about a war, and when that subject comes up, I usually tune out. (I know, that's really bad- ha)

Anyway, after awhile of this, I finally started listening. The footage that was being shown looked like modern day stuff, so I thought maybe I should pay the story a bit more attention. I remember watching a clip where Mat Lower speaking with live footage of the towers behind him, when the second plane hit the other tower. Then, chaos.

Before the attacks, I always felt like our country was indestructible. I had never really feared my safety. I had never really given my freedoms a second thought. I had never felt so vulnerable in my life. For days I watched the news. I remember for what seemed like a week (though I think it was only about 2 days) there was literally nothing on the TV except coverage of the tragedies that had taken place. I even got post-traumatic stress syndrome. I know it sounds like I'm making that part up, but I promise you I'm not. I threw my back out bending down to pick up Super. I couldn't move off my belly for a couple of hours. It was at that point that Jason put his foot down and told me I needed to do something besides watch the news. I don't even know why I kept watching it either. It wasn't like anything was going to change if I did.

I really don't want to dwell on the negatives of that day. (There certainly were a lot of them.) Instead, I want to think of all the heroes that were born that day. I want to remember all of the firefighters, police officers, and other emergency crew that lost their lives in the service of the people. And I want to remember the passengers who took over their plane just before crashing in a field near Pittsburgh. I want to remember all the people who volunteered after the fact at ground zero, helping to sift through the rubble in search of remains. I want to remember the way we came together as a nation. I want to remember the pride we felt to be an American. I want to remember how lucky we are to live in a free country and what that means to us.

I will remember.

I'm trying this on for size...

I saw this idea on a friend- of- a -friend's blog. I'm trying it on for size....

5 Favorite Things for today:
  1. Our Country and the freedoms we enjoy
  2. Having a happy, healthy family.
  3. Relief Society (I miss it in there)
  4. Snuggling up with Ashley in my bed. (Unfortunately my other kids are a bit too old for cuddling)
  5. Coke (just finished mine. So refreshing.)
  6. (sorry had to add 1 more) My stereo. I LOVE cranking it up when it's just me here! (Then I don't have to worry about someone not liking what I want to be listening to.) I can get a lot accomplished when it's just me and the stereo :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nevr Let Kids Eat Shoogr (continued)

I forgot to tell about something Super did a few weeks ago while we were shopping for school clothes.

I let Super get some magnet earrings from Claires. (she got two pair) Of course, she immediately wanted to wear them. We stopped, and put the cute little earrings on her little ears. She was holding her head funny like she didn't want to knock them off or something. It was cute. Anyway, when we got home from shopping, she walked in the door and started calling for Dax (our dog). Dax didn't respond the way Super thought she should, and so Sup told us " Dax doesn't even recognize me with my earrings on". So. Stinking. Cute!

How could I tell her that Dax just wasn't as excited about them as she was? :)
Note: This photo has NOTHING to do with this post. Sorry. I just really love that picture, and I miss swimming already! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love fall, but I love being at the pool even more! And, how could anything be cuter than that little goggle face!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Nevr Let Kids Eat Shoogr"

"Sup" said something funny today and I didn't want to forget what it was, SO I took my own advise and wrote it down right after she said it! Yeah me!

My phone was ringing this morning while I was trying to get "Super" off to school and myself ready for preschool. She said "Mom, I can't find the un-hookless phone." That made me laugh.
Also, this morning, she kept having brain cramps when we were trying to get her reading done (we were naughty and didn't do it last night). For some reason, every time we came to the word "had" she kept reading made. I kept giving her a hard time about it. I mean, hello, didn't she learn that word in kindergarten! On a side note: sometimes I think she has some dyslexia. It does run in the family.

And then, Friday, she had a sleepover with her cousin Hannah. They had been eating treats and drinking soda all night long. After a little while, they became pretty crazy. Super came in and gave Jason and I this note:
What a funny girl!

songs for this post:
My Girl: The Temptations
Thank Heaven for Little Girls: Mareece Chevalier (for some reason that song makes me think of Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast. I think it's his voice and his accent)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Newest Family Member

We brought home the newest member
of the family last night!

length: 167.3 inches
height: 63.4 inches
weight:3020 lbs

It's a Scion!
Thank goodness I didn't have to give birth to this one!

We bought our new car from a little family who won the car at the fair. They wanted to sell it so they could buy a truck. It only has 2500 (yes hundred, not thousand) miles on it. We are pretty excited about it. Jason is elated!! This will be his go-to-work car and will probably be the car we take most often sense it gets pretty good gas millage. Jason has NEVER had a car with ac, never had a NEW car, and every time we have bought a car in the past, it has been for the family (meaning it is MY primary car, he takes the hunk-of-junk to work)

Song for this post:
Drive my car: The Beatles
Mustang Sally: The Commitments
Route 66: Depeche Mode (one of my favorite driving songs)

Monday, September 1, 2008

I love Rock and Roll!

So, I have been MIA for the past little while! I have been in my "dungeon" (as I jokingly call my preschool room when it feels like I live in it ). Yep, that time of year again! I've been planning, copying, copying, copying (about 2000 copies to be exact). Cutting, cutting, cutting, and more cutting! You get the idea! I'm trying to get EVERYTHING all ready to go for the first month of preschool.

When I'm not planning, copying, or cutting, I have been playing Rock Band! So. Stinking. Fun! I LOVE the drums. I can do fairly well at singing too, but I pretty much suck on the guitar! About every night for the past week, Jason and I have been playing after the kids go to bed. This game is one of the few I can play without getting motion sick! Lame ha!! So I'm pretty much addicted to it.

Last weekend, we had Melinda and Duane over to play. Melinda did the vocals on the Beasty Boys song Sabotage! It was hilarious! Everyone was laughing so hard we were crying! It's pretty hard to see the notes through tears! Yep. Pretty funny. Especially when she's the relief society president of her ward!!

Needless to say, we have been enjoying the gift we gave to our girls for their birthdays! Saturday, we picked up a second guitar too, so now we can really jam!
So, ya, my life has been preschool and Rock Band. Both equally important!
Songs for this post:
I love Rock and Roll- Joan Jet
I think I'm Paranoid- Garbage (my new favorite song!)