Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh Blogger, Where Art Thou?

Just checking in for today.
My fellow bloggers are slowing down. I was looking at who had something new for today, and only 2 people did. Shame on everyone! (Just kidding) You all are very busy I'm sure. Kids are back to school and other extra-curricular activities, which means, time to drive someone here, drive someone else there, etc. But really I just wanted to let each one of you know that I really enjoy reading your blogs (unfortunately, I can't speak for anyone else). Maybe because I have no life... maybe because you are funnier than I am, I don't know. But know this... You are missed.

5 favorites for today:
  1. Sandwiches for dinner (no cooking involved)
  2. Heroes
  3. Our big comfy couch
  4. Blankets to snuggle up with on the previously mentioned couch
  5. Coke and movie treats

Today's songs:

My Doorbell: White Stripes- when you gonna ring my doorbell?

Wait For You: Bonham- 'cause all I can do is wait for you!


Johanson said...

I noticed that everyone has slowed down as well, and I was disappointed with my non-recent blogging! Let me know about preschool! Marissa is going crazy with her brothers gone all day!!

Zobell Fam said...

Oh Brandi I love your blog!! Check mine tomarow I will have plenty for you!!

Nene said...

I find myself wondering where everyone is too! Busy like me I guess. I'm diggin' your five faves for today. Coke and movie treats are calling my name!

Shill and Company said...

So Brandi, was I one of the two? I have tried to post a few things recently. Yes, yes. Everyone's lives are getting a bit too busy I'm afraid.

Hey, I see that you got the 5 a day thing going from my gal pal Maren. Several people in my ward have that on their blogs. It's a great idea. We have so much to be grateful for!

Panamenos said...

sorry... my computer hasn't been functioning for a week now. i feel like i'm going through withdrawals. i'm at the library during preschool just to get caught up. it's terrible. please send good wishes our way and hope that i get my computer working again soon.

btw, i love your 5 things you're grateful for. and that you change songs with every post... i wouldn't know where to start if i changed songs that often... you are very creative!