Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Big Question!

This time of year, children everywhere are scattered about asking themselves "what do I want to be for Halloween?" I wanted to get the ball rolling in case I needed to buy something off the Internet. So I asked Smash what she wants to be for Halloween. She replied "Claire Bennett". So cute! The problem is there aren't any Claire Bennett costumes. There are a zillion High School Musical cheerleader costumes, but no Claire. Dang it!
It looks like I will be making Super's costume this year. Wish me luck! I plan to go to DI and see if I can find a cheer-leader looking skort or skirt and put sew some yellow and white bias tape around the bottom and up the side of it. Then I thought I would buy 2 shirts, a plain white t-shirt and a long sleeve red one. I will cut the sleeves off both t-shirts, then re-connect them so that the red sleeves are now on the white shirt. I thought I could design the school logo on the front of the t-shirt, and then, so that people are clear, I will do an iron-on on the back too that says BENNETT or HEROES. If anyone has any other suggestions on how I go about my little task, I would LOVE to hear them!
Wish me luck!!
P.S. Super has a crush on Peter Petrelli. She thinks he's a babe! Good thing she's not really Claire! She would have a crush on her uncle!

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Shill and Company said...

So funny. I can't believe that we are already in Fall now. That came so quick. We have been doing some looking on-line for costumes this year. I can't believe it but Ian is not going to be a Jawa again this year. After all of the time and effort that went into making that costume. Instead, we are loaning it out to one of his buddies. This year we will be buying a costume for Sir Ian that will not require hours upon hours of his daddy's time.