Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting Ready For Beddy

So I'm about to call it a night, and I realized that I haven't posted my 5 faves for today:

  1. Rock Band (just completed my "solo tour" playing drums on MEDIUM) Yeah me!!
  2. Arctic Circle for dinner- first time we have eaten out in about 9 days! That is a record for us. Note: we ate out because I was finishing up my tour on R.B.
  3. Lofty goals for times when my children are at school and the preschoolers aren't here. I believe in setting the bar really high :)
  4. My sweet, sexy husband for not only NOT complaining at the fact that I got nothing done today, but offering to go out to eat. You rock hon!
  5. New toothbrushes! Don't cha just love them.

Randomness: Rock Band 2 comes out November 16.


Shill and Company said...

Love the fact that you were rewarded for bad behavior! It doesn't get any better than that baby. But really, every now and then you just have to do something like that for sanity's sake!!!

Nene said...

Rock on with your bad self! :)

McCulley's said...

Woohoo! Drums are tuff! I end up hitting them so hard and getting half the points because of frustration. I have my copy reserved for 2 how bout you. It has No Doubt and I am ready to ROCK! You are so cool. Way to go.