Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Brandi's Birthday!

Hello one and all!

Jason here wanting to spread the word that it is my lovely wife's birthday. And I get to take this blog over for a very short time to tell everyone what a great wife she is. How will I be doing this you ask? Pictures? Video? No that might be a little revealing. (Well maybe just a pick or 2) No I will be giving you 100 reasons why I love my wife in no particular order. Now these are not the only reasons mind you, just a random sampling.

And if you were thinking "Hey!! He stole this idea from so and so!" All I can say is tough! If they can remake Knight Rider for the third time I can use this idea.

And on a side note. I had to change your password Brandi so call me and I will let you know what it is. Sorry.

100 things I love about my wife
1. She is the most honest person I have ever met.
2. Is easy to read. This is very helpful when your as dumb as I am.
3. We are the same age.
4. She will sit down and watch SciFi with me.
5. Her gentile personality.
6. She always knows what I am thinking. Sometimes this isn't very good when your as dumb as I am.
7. She loves me for who I am. I know this sounds cliche but I really mean it. She found me broken
and she hasn't tried to fix me.
8. Isn't afraid of acting silly.
9. Is a terrific teacher, with both our children and the preschool kids.
10. Allowed our family to get pets and now she loves them to.
11. Is a good driver.
12. Played golf with me.
13. Is a great cook.
14. Let's me know when I am walking out the door dressed like an idiot.
15. Taught me how to wash laundry the right way.
16. Picked up the van that crushed my leg and pinned me down after I chopped up my arm with an axe.
17. Enjoys doing yard work.
18. Gave birth to the 3 most beautiful,intelligent silly girls.
19. Really good at giving hugs.
20. Very hard worker.
21. A great sense of humor.
22. A great kisser.
23. We do all of our home projects together.
24. Great drummer on Rock Band. I usually try to hard of a setting on the guitar and she bails me out.
25. She will talk about Battlestar Galactica with me.
26. Takes the time to scrapbook/blog our family's memories.
27. Loves Disneyland
28. Let me buy a cool car because she wanted me safe.
29. Has a sexy voice.
30. Her smile melts me.
31. Can be very independent
32. Never teased me when I had a mullet.
33. She will let me have Xbox parties at our house.
34. Is a stay at home mom.
35. Has an affinity for elf culture.
36. Makes cute sounds while falling asleep.
37. Has good taste in decorating.
38. Sings around our house.
39. Didn't marry me for my money. Probably because I don't have any.
40. We have so much in common.
41. Is adventurous
42. She can do the splits.
43. Her big beautiful blue/green eyes.
44. Loves to cuddle with our kids.
45. The way she emphasizes words, every. SINGLE…TIME. She wants to make a point.
46. She is a wonderful mother.
47. Speaks her mind.
48. Isn't afraid to try new things,
49. Unless it is medicine. Then it is hysterical watching her try to get it down.
50. Loves to talk…. a lot.
51. Enjoys reading.
52. Knows how to talk a little smack.
53. Very good at handling our finances.
54. Picks up our kids from school so they don't have to walk home.
55. Enjoys a good get together.
56. Great taxi driver.
57. Never shy.
58. Has strong morals.
59. Gives me too much credit.
60. She volunteers at our girl's school whenever she can.
61. Never plays mind games.
62. Achieves the goals she sets.
63. Makes me laugh.
64. She can do all the things I can't.
65. Very good at board games.
66. Will cry at some point in almost any movie.
67. Can fall asleep faster than anyone in the history of the world.
68. Likes to travel.
69. Has a song for everything.
70. That our children took after her good looks instead of me.
71. Takes care of most of the day to day errands we have.
72. Gets me out of my shell.
73. Enjoys roller coasters.
74. She can remember all of our account numbers.
75. Will dress up for Halloween.
76. Has good taste in movies. With the exception of Top Gun, man I hate that movie!
77. Loves seafood.
78. She will eat my cooking.
79. Has done all of our taxes since she started her business.
80. Enjoys bike riding and going on walks.
81. I'm going to keep this rated PG.
82. She has a crush on her dentist. And I get to tease her about it.
83. In 12 years we will be able to travel anywhere we would like to go.
84. Has a wild side not everyone gets to see.
85. She is good with computers.
86. Has named all of our pets.
87. She can't keep a secret when it comes to gift giving.
88. Knows the value of good home electronics.
89. She likes leather… couches.
90. Is a good roll model for our girls.
91. Very good at crafts.
92. Let me decorate with Frank Sinatra photos.
93 She knows what frak and frell mean.
94. Works hard to keep our house clean.
95. Blushes bright red when she is embarrassed.
96. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever met.
97. As well as I know her she can still surprise me.
98. Doesn't hold a grudge.
99. Very intelligent.
100. She has been my best friend for more than 13 years.
Songs for this post: Secret Garden and Thought about You


Lexie said...

WOW! You really love her don't you! jk! Thanks for keeping it PG! I LOVE YOU MOM! HAPPY B-DAY!!!!

and thanks for letting me stay home for your b-day too!

Zobell Fam said...

What a great birthday present Brandi!! He just uped the standards for all the husbands out here in blogger world!! Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Wow! what can I say to that one?
I guess the only thing I CAN say is ya, I'm cool like that! (jk)
See, I told you my husband was fraking awesome! (I put that in for you hon)
Thank you Thank you Thank you!
So sweet.
And, here's something that might shock you... I cried when I read this! (In a good way)

McCulley's said...

I cried when I read it too! Brandi you are amazing you touch everybodies life that meets you. Have a wonderful birthday. We are so glad we met you. You need to come rockband with us one day I will let you know the next time we need another drummer!

Cindy said...

That is the sweetest post! What a sweet husband you are Jason. I'm going to have to ask about the van and the chopping up the arm with the axe thing. That sounds like a good story. Happy Birthday Brandi! You are amazing and we are so lucky to know you!

Brandi said...

I promise I will tell about the van and the chopping up the arm wiht the axe thing as soon as I am done relishing in this awesome post! (it's not as cool as he makes it sound)

Brandi said...
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heidi said...

Happy b-day Brandi! I enjoyed reading that on Melanie's blog and totally enjoyed reading this too.. have a great day.... love ya later.

Nene said...

Happy Birthday! Your husband ROCKS! Mine forgets to even tell me Happy Birthday, let alone write 100 things he loves about me. Sigh. Jason, you're the man. You should teach a class to the other men out there (or maybe just my hub) on how to make birthdays count! :)


seriously LOVED IT! Jason YOU ROCK! Brandi I had NO IDEA it was your birthday!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY DAY! I hope you do something really REALLY fun!!

My favorite part about this post (other than learning all the neat stuff about you!) was the fact that Jason put his own "songs for this post"! How awesome is that!

Johanson said...

Awww! How sweet! My husband is not going to like you!! What a great post!

Kelli said...

You guys are the cutest family, I am starting so blog again so I loved to see all you blog updates. Gardner Village is such a fun place to go, love the pics.

Shill and Company said...

Brandi my love, Happy Birthday!!! I remembered your special day about 4 days too early, and then...SPACED IT! It appears however that you were very well taken care of!

Jason, you rock my friend! So cool of you to do that for Brandi. You two little love birds are so inspiring. I love that whenever we are together you act like newlyweds. All the hand holding and cuddling. I think that you are just wonderful together.

I showed Chris the posting that Mark did for Melanie on her birthday and he told me to just know that he will NEVER do that for me on our blog! I'll have to let him know that "EVERYONE ONE IS DOING IT," and see if that works. No, no. It won't help. Seriously, that is just so romantic I can't get over it. Way to go Jason. Brandi is so wonderful we are all blessed to know her. Happy birthday kiddo!!!

Alissa said...

Happy Birthday my BFF. (HEE HEE HEE)

Jason that was truly the best! I already knew you were awesome! I here it all the time from Brandi. What a great tribute to such a wonderful person.

BFF...Have you thought of a movie yet?