Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Must spend more time here

Yeah, so I know I've told you about my little facebook problem. (The fact that I've been spending way too much time there) well, I missed an update from my bff Stephenie Meyer. She has another book recommendation. I just loved the last one! Anyway, now I'm on the hold list at the library, and I'm number 81!!! Crap.
In case you missed her update, you can click on it on the sidebar, or you can just go check out The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester. I can't wait to read it! I've been dying for another book!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Supe's birthday celebration

Yeah, I know it's a little late for this, but I figured if Melanie can post Halloween pictures in December, I can be a couple weeks late in posting Supe's b-day stuff. (Darn that facebook!)

We threw her a cooking party. We had the kids make and their own pizzas, and decorate their own jumbo cupcakes. In between everything we played blindfolded cook where the "cook" has to scoop marshmallows out of a pot and into a bowl, and the person with the most marshmallows wins. They loved that game and played it at least a couple of times. They also played the game where you put a penny in a molded flour cake and everyone takes turns cutting the cake. The person who makes the penny fall, has to get it out with their teeth. They played that one 3 or 4 times! I think all the girls had fun!

Last year, Smash thought that each person should get the number of presents they are in age, so we thought that we should continue that tradition this year. It was fun. She loved seeing the huge stack, counting them out, and then trying to guess what she got! Some of the highlights of her gifts included a camera, a Spiderman Lego set, and a Polly Pocket cruise ship.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

25 things about me...wonderful me!

I got tagged 4 times on facebook. Been spendin' too much time there as of late, anyway, since I've been neglecting my blog, I thought I would post my 25 things here for your enjoyment...You know, 'cause I know you enjoy reading about me. Who wouldn't?
OK, some of the 25 things are old news (especially if you read my blog) but, to those who don' should! And to the rest of you, I say, enjoy! Mm-K Pumpkin?

1. I never go barefoot! (unless I'm swimming or in the shower)

2. I have a song for everything. (note the title...tune: Food Glorious Food)

3. I have a fear of my teeth falling out. I used to have dreams about it all the time. Sometimes, the fear of my teeth falling out keeps me from doing things like going to a Jazz game in the nose-bleed section. Nope, not for me, I might fall and knock out all my teeth!

4. I worked in retail for about 13 or 14 years. Gap was my fave. Sometimes, I still miss it there!

5. One time, when I was about 9 1/2 or 10, I was babysitting and boiling noodles for mac and cheese- I went to dump the water in the sink, but instead poured the boiling water down the front of me. I had second degree burns on my stomach. Youch!

6. I am a bit obsessed with the way my house smells. I have wall flowers all over my house and candles burning all the time!

7. I hate having un-read emails. I check my messages AT LEAST twice a day. And it freaks me out to have lots of saved messages on my computer. I try to have NO MORE than about 10 at a time!

8. I try to get ready EVERY day, especially the days when my husband is at work. I want him to walk in and think "damn, I have a fine looking wife!" then, he'll overlook the fact that I have spent WAY too long on the computer that day, and not enough time doing dishes or laundry.

9. I used to love scrapbooking. Now, I still love it, but I blog instead. (No mess)

10. I don't mind folding laundry, but I hate putting it away!

11. More about laundry...I NEVER fold socks. Every day, is a game of treasure hunt for socks. One day, I'm hoping to find a buried treasure chest full of about a year's supply of new, matching socks so that I don't have to worry about washing, matching, or finding them for a whole year:)

12. I'm jealous of my friend Nene, 'cause she has a Sinner Blog. One day, I hope to start my own sinner blog entitled: I'll save you a swing!

13. Oh my! I'm half-way through and running out of ideas...think brain, think!

14. I love chocolate IN things, but not as the main ingredient.

15. I love coke in a bottle, coke in a can, coke in a 2 liter, coke from Holiday oil, and my most favorite coke... from Jordan Commons

16. Jordan Commons leads me to my next thing...I'm kind of a snob about where I see movies. I am a HUGE fan of the Larry Miller theaters. Love the coke, reserved seating, and I love that they have #17 on my list

17. Frozen Junior Mints. They have them at the Megaplex theaters. Delicious with a coke and some popcorn!

18. Speaking of theaters, I hate paying for a movie I don't like, so I always check Rotten Tomatoes before going.

19. I used to look hot in a bikini. Now, I look like Shamoo.

20. Some of my very best friends are fictional: Samantha Jones, Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York.

21. I absolutely love cooking with my husband. I don't mind cooking dinner on my own, unless I don't have a meal planned. I hate the what do you want for dinner? game.

22. One day, when Jason and I are old and rich, I want to buy a pair of Harley's and do some cross-country riding!

23. I'm very passionate. If I feel strongly about something, I dive in head first and never look back. Sometimes, I can be a little too passionate. (Twilight saga)

24. Obama was the first presidential candidate I EVER voted for, who WON the election.

25. I can do the splits (still)

This is me on the left. Refer to #19

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Les Poissons

Subtitled, an update on Sue

Just wanted to let everyone know that Sue wasn't working at Arctic Circle when the robbery happened yesterday. Thank goodness.

She actually has a new job! She's been working there for a couple of weeks. She works at the Rose - Colored Crestation (if you know what I mean). She's really liking it so far. They are giving her tons of hours and she makes about $2 more per hour than she did at Arctic Circle.

School is going pretty well. The cosmetology program is a bit helter-skelter right now. For awhile they didn't even know if there was going to be a program. It looks like she'll be able to continue on through the current program, then be able to take the credits back to the community college.

Ok, I'm annoyed! I tried to get Les Poissons for my song today. Playlist didn't have it. So, here's the little clip instead (Yes, I know Les Poissons is about a crab, but work with me people)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rubber - Necking

Today, I want to talk about a little something I like to call "Traffic Accident TV".

You know the type of show I mean. You turn on the tube, see some bad TV. It's so dumb that you should just turn off and walk away from, but you don't. You tell yourself as soon as the next commercial comes on, you'll turn it off, but you don't. You justify it by doing some dishes or something, but you can't keep from rubber-necking!

Well, I've got myself hooked on two of those kind of shows. The past two weeks, I've found myself glued to the TV for 3 hours watching The Bachelor and True Beauty. But now that I've started watching, I can't stop. I already have my favorites on both of the shows. Ugh! Great, this is just what I need! Something else I can do while sitting on my butt!
So, here's what I want to know: what Traffic Accident TV do you watch? (If you're not too ashamed to admit it)

So Proud

It is a very happy day! It feels like it should have been a holiday. I'm so excited to have a new president! I wish I had been able to see it all unfold. Thank goodness for internet and video streams.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

8 years ago today....

On this day, 8 years ago, Super was born. Now, we didn't always call her Super. The name sort of evolved.

When she was just teeny, we called her Roo- you know like Kanga and little Roo. We called Loo "Pooh Bear", so we thought a name from Winnie the Pooh would be fitting for her as well.

From Roo, came Rooty Tooty

Pookey came shortly thereafter and sometimes we shortened that nickname to Pook. The girls still call her Pook. I think they always will.

Smash was the next name she had, then from that evolved Super Smash. She couldn't say Smash very well, so we started calling her Mash. Then of course, we had to change it to Mash Potato. But Super Smash was always kind of lingering around, just waiting to be used again. And then, finally, the name Super came along. These days, I'm calling her Supe for short.

Occasionally, she might get a seasonal nickname like Sweet Pea or Pumpkin Pie.

Here's some more super facts about Super:

Her favorite colors are blue and black. (she just informed me of that) Yesterday, they were lime green and purple.

She knows where everything is. Can't find something, ask her. She has an iron-clad memory.

She loves to sing, dance, play the drums, do gymnastics, and swim (but she won't take swimming lessons)

She's the best cleaner out of all the kids! Her favorite chores are cleaning the windows and mirrors and vacuuming.

She thrives in a routine. I think that's why she does so well in school. She is very particular about getting her planner signed and doing her homework. Math is her favorite subject.

She hates taking medicine. (wonder where that comes from? me.)

Her favorite songs are Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi, The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars, That's What You Get by Paramore, and It's a Jolly Holiday by me. I have to sing that to her every night before she goes to sleep. She calls it her lullaby.

Her favorite movies are Wall-e, and all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
Her favorite TV shows are Heroes, My Name is Earl, and Little House on the Prairie.

She loves rainbow chip cake and bubble gum ice cream.

Her favorite place to eat is Subway.

Happy Birthday Sweetie! I love you!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Put your hands together!

I just want to give a shout out to my pal Stephenie Meyer! Her books rock! They rock so much that they spent 19 weeks in the number 1 spot of the best seller list! They also accounted for 12.5% of the book sales this year! It's so cool. She's my idol!

Maybe someday, I can write a book too. That's on my bucket list you know!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

And if I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don't know.

So I've mentioned before that Jason and I like to do projects together. The kitchen is on the top of our to-do-list for the year.

Here's what we know we're going to do:

Tear out the cabinets and refinish them and
Add crown molding to the top and possibly some molding at the bottom as well.
Get new counter tops, sink and faucet.
Add molding around the windows.
Put in more hardwood flooring (exactly the same as the stuff in the living room)

Now, this is where YOU come in. I need some suggestions...
We originally thought we'd distress the cabinets, prime them red, then paint them black and sand off the edges.
Now we are entertaining the idea of distressing, priming dark brown, painting them cream, and sanding the edges.
My first instinct is to go with black, but have you seen my kitchen? Barbie's kitchen is bigger than mine. Is black going to close it in? If I had to decide right this second about the cabinets, I think I'd choose cream.

Then there's the faucet issue. I want antique bronze. Jason doesn't think we can have a bronze faucet with stainless appliances. What do you think?

Then paint. Oh that's almost like a four letter word (only it's five). With the copper, rusty red and yellowish in my living room, what color do I do my kitchen? We kind of like the idea of doing the rusty red color as an accent and putting it on the wall you see when you first walk in to my house. But then, what other color with it? Painting the whole thing red will make it feel extra extra small.

So, help please. What do we do?

The playlist is back today having NOTHING to do with kitchen remodeling. But, it does have a few of our favorites guested it Rock Band! (2)
Carry on My Wayword Son (this one is where my title came from): Kansas
Tangled Up In Blue: Bob Dylan
Float On: Modest Mouse

Friday, January 9, 2009

Another song for the mom's out there. Yo Yo

The last mom song reminded me of one I saw a couple of years ago. I thought I'd share it with you today. (This one is mostly for moms of younger children. Maybe 8 and under)
Hopefully you haven't ever seen this one, but, if you have, oh well. Listen anyway. It's funny!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

School and Lace

We are learning the letter Ll this week. Every time we learn a new letter, we glue something to that letter. We were getting ready for that today when I picked up a piece of lace and asked:

"Does anyone know what this is called?"
N.. said "Boob stuff?"
That's close, it's called l-l-lace.
Can you say that with me?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

'Cause I'm the mom, yeah yeah yeah!

Do you ever feel like a broken record? Do you find yourself saying the same things over, and over, and over? Give this a listen. It will make your day!

Thanks so much Liz, for sending this awesome video!

No song today for obvious reasons. And, because I'm such a considerate person, I took the music off my blog for this post so that you don't have to try to fight with it while you are listening to this. That's me, always looking out for my friends!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Legally Blond?

I think my blond highlights are starting to take root and sink in!
Friday, I made a New Year's booklet for preschool. I took it to the copy store Saturday, then yesterday, I cut it apart and stapled it together. Here's what I made:
Don't be late.
The clock ticks.
Count some more.
The new year has begun.
Happy new Year

Are you trying to figure out what I did wrong? I was re-filing all my papers when I realized that I wrote the wrong year, and not only on that! I thought I would try to make my planning easier next year, by writing the school year that I did the worksheet on the bottom of everything we did. So what did I write? '07- '08 school year. I can't believe I did that! So my year mistake, cost me about an hour and a half of my day! I can't believe I did that!

Today's song has to be:
'Cause I'm a Blond by Julie Brown. Remember this one?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

She totally rocks!

I have to share this cute little story before I forget it (remember what I said about being Dory)

Today, Super was going through some clothes that my neighbor brought over for her. There was one shirt in the bunch that was pink with a bunch of scrolling and stuff like that on it.
She said to me: Now, this shirt, this is what I like.
I said: You like that shirt? It is cute, isn't it.
She said: Yeah, basically if it's like... rock and roll, I like it.
That's my girl. My little rockin' chick!
A couple more songs that rock:
Rock and Roll Lifestyle: Cake
I Wanna Rock and Roll: Kiss

Friday, January 2, 2009


testing 123.

So if you've come here looking for a witty post about some type of test, you will be disappointed. I am actually trying a new program where you can download the contents of your blog, then print it out. For some reason, I can't get any of my comments to come up. It's slightly irritating! So, this post was really a test to see if the comments left here would come up. They didn't! I wonder if I downloaded an old version of the program somehow. Hmmm.

On a much brighter note, ALL the contents from my external hard drive have been recovered and are now in working order! I think Jason spent about 10 hours on the stupid stuff. Don't worry, there were big rewards for him!