Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Supe's birthday celebration

Yeah, I know it's a little late for this, but I figured if Melanie can post Halloween pictures in December, I can be a couple weeks late in posting Supe's b-day stuff. (Darn that facebook!)

We threw her a cooking party. We had the kids make and their own pizzas, and decorate their own jumbo cupcakes. In between everything we played blindfolded cook where the "cook" has to scoop marshmallows out of a pot and into a bowl, and the person with the most marshmallows wins. They loved that game and played it at least a couple of times. They also played the game where you put a penny in a molded flour cake and everyone takes turns cutting the cake. The person who makes the penny fall, has to get it out with their teeth. They played that one 3 or 4 times! I think all the girls had fun!

Last year, Smash thought that each person should get the number of presents they are in age, so we thought that we should continue that tradition this year. It was fun. She loved seeing the huge stack, counting them out, and then trying to guess what she got! Some of the highlights of her gifts included a camera, a Spiderman Lego set, and a Polly Pocket cruise ship.


McCulley's said...

How fun we did a cookin' party once too it was so much fun. lookes like they had a blast.


You are absolutely justified in posting a few weeks late. Better late than never is my forever motto. I haven't even blogged about Christmas yet and it's almost Feb. ....better late than never, better late than never...repeat this a couple times a day and call me in the morning. ;)

What a fun party!! I love those party ideas!!

Shill and Company said...

She is such a sweetheart! We are so glad that she had such a fun birthday. Her party looks and sounds like an absolute blast! What a great idea. You are a brave mama Brandi!

Amanda said...

What a cute idea! Something different. It looks like everyone had fun.

Panamenos said...

That party looks SOO fun! Great photos.