Friday, January 2, 2009


testing 123.

So if you've come here looking for a witty post about some type of test, you will be disappointed. I am actually trying a new program where you can download the contents of your blog, then print it out. For some reason, I can't get any of my comments to come up. It's slightly irritating! So, this post was really a test to see if the comments left here would come up. They didn't! I wonder if I downloaded an old version of the program somehow. Hmmm.

On a much brighter note, ALL the contents from my external hard drive have been recovered and are now in working order! I think Jason spent about 10 hours on the stupid stuff. Don't worry, there were big rewards for him!


Nene said...


Mike and Dee said...

I can't believe you are testing us! haha

McCulley's said...

YAY!!!!!! Jason you should fake it to get the rewards again!!!! :)

Shannon said...

Would you mind sharing which program you are using? I just started a blog book, but I'm having to upload the pictures, then copy and paste what I had written... going to be a long process this way!

Brandi said...

Hey Shannon
I'm using (or trying to use) "Blogs 2 Books" there is a link to it on my sidebar (it's kind of far down)
Or you can go to

OR, you can also do this: You can have each one of your posts emailed to you then just print it off of there. You still get all the pictures and text, you just don't get comments. The downside is that you also get the stuff on the very top of your email page.
If you are interested in doing it this way, and need more info, hollar, I will tell you exactly how to set up your blog so that it's emailed to you (you can also email it to family, friends, etc)

Shannon said...

HEY, THANKS!!!! I appreciate your help!