Saturday, January 3, 2009

She totally rocks!

I have to share this cute little story before I forget it (remember what I said about being Dory)

Today, Super was going through some clothes that my neighbor brought over for her. There was one shirt in the bunch that was pink with a bunch of scrolling and stuff like that on it.
She said to me: Now, this shirt, this is what I like.
I said: You like that shirt? It is cute, isn't it.
She said: Yeah, basically if it's like... rock and roll, I like it.
That's my girl. My little rockin' chick!
A couple more songs that rock:
Rock and Roll Lifestyle: Cake
I Wanna Rock and Roll: Kiss


Nene said...

She is SUCH a rock star!!!

McCulley's said...

How cute! Thanks again, for my Rockband 2 you ROCK!