Monday, February 11, 2008

"Get out of jail free" card

My friend Chrissy asked me if I ever get stories from my preschool kid's family life. But they really don't say anything that would embarrass a family though.
Now Loo on the other hand... when Lexie was in first grade, she told her teacher that I was in jail. the teacher called me at home during recess to find out if I was out of jail. (she suspected that I was probably not in the slammer) Apparently one of the kids in the class' dads was in jail and she wanted to make her feel like that happens to everyone.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Preschoolers say the cutest things!

Yesterday, I was doing some prep-work for preschool, and using the "runny glue" as I like to call it, when Kylie walked in and said "Oh, you're using the teen-ager glue!" I had completely forgotten about teenager glue! How could I forget something so cute!
(The story)During my first year of teaching, whenever we needed to use standard-issue Elmer's Glue, I would squeeze it on the paper for the kids, I wouldn't let the kids do it (mean ha). And of course all the kids would want do it by themselves. I would tell them, "this is glue for grown-ups". Well, Colby would always ask me "Teacher, when do we get to use the teenager glue?"

Last year, I had this little girl named Olivia. She had the cutest way of talking. It was kind-of slobbery. Anyway, she always called me "T-shirt" instead of teacher. Unfortunatly, over the summer she learned how to say teacher. Bummer!

Last week, Damian, one of my youngest students, came to school, walked right inside, and dropped his drawers right in the doorway! He said "Teachoo, look I have big boy pants on!"

And today (Feb. 12 edit) I asked my kids what they know about Valentine's day... Elizabeth said "It means like when your boyfriend gives you lots of presents and stuff, you should give him some too". You can tell she has a teenage sister!