Monday, February 11, 2008

"Get out of jail free" card

My friend Chrissy asked me if I ever get stories from my preschool kid's family life. But they really don't say anything that would embarrass a family though.
Now Loo on the other hand... when Lexie was in first grade, she told her teacher that I was in jail. the teacher called me at home during recess to find out if I was out of jail. (she suspected that I was probably not in the slammer) Apparently one of the kids in the class' dads was in jail and she wanted to make her feel like that happens to everyone.


Shill and Company said...

That is so hilarious! Ah, I can't wait to tell Chris about that one. What a sweetheart Lexie is to try and make her classmate feel better. I wonder why she chose you though Brandi and not her daddy.

Amanda said...

That is great! I once told my teacher that my mom had a baby. I told her the sex, the name, weight, everything. Imagine my teachers suprise when my mom showed up to parent/teacher conference....still pregant!

Nene said...

That is too funny. What a sweetie, though, that Lexi!