Monday, August 31, 2009

Do Something For Yourself

(aka Mommy Moment Monday)
I have come up with 1 thing that I am proud of, though you may not feel like it fits this category. BUT I'm going to share it anyway. *Dr. Phil says that whenever you insert a "but" it erases everything you said before it. Probably true, but here goes.

Friday, I spent time doing something I LOVE! Something just for me! Because I'm a firm believer that you have to take care of yourself so that you can be a better wife and mom. What did I do? Well, that's classified. Just kidding. I played Rock Band with a bunch of my moms. I absolutely love these ladies! They're so like me! We were cracking ourselves up on the ride home too! (More about that on my "other" blog)

We're thinking that we need to make some bowling shirts up that say "Rock and Roll Rejects" or something of that nature, 'cause I'm pretty sure we were all born to rock, but none of us went down that particular path.
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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Sue's birthday photos will be posted as soon as she uploads them to the computer.

Today's song (for lack of a better one) is Teenagers by My Chemical Romance. Have you ever tried to find a song about teenagers that isn't derogitory? I swear it doesn't exsist! Don't get me wrong, I love the Teenagers song, but thankfully Loo isn't a bad kid, and she's not scaring the $#!+ out of me yet!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I Made It! (Proud Mommy Monday)

...through my child's first 18 years!

I cannot believe it!

You know what's weird? When you give birth to your little one and hold her for the first time, you never think about what it will be like when she's a grown up. It's just too much for the mind to wrap itself around. Here you are, holding this precious little bundle, who's depending on you for her every need. It's hard to even imagine her talking! But one day at a time, she grows older. First, she learns to smile at you- and no doubt you feel like it's the best thing in the world! Then she'll coo, and you still feel that things can't be better! Before you know it, she's rolling over, then crawling, then talking, then starting school, and then BAM! All of the sudden, she's 18! That's how fast it feels like it happens!

I have to share a funny memory with you. An I can't believe I did that moment. One day at church, Sue and I were sitting next to each other on the bench. (she was about 3, maybe 4) She was antsy, like any child would be at that age. She decided to lay down and rest her head in my lap. I'm thinking nothing of it, and happen to look down across her little body that's stretched out along the pew. ..and notice, she's not wearing any underwear! That's right. No underwear. I don't know how it happened. I just remember being mortified!

So anyway, there's my Mommy Moment for today. Surviving the first 18 years! There were times when I didn't think I would make it, and there were definitely times when I didn't think she would! So I'm offering words of encouragement to all of the mommies out there who should happen upon this post- Don't give up! Don't strangle yourself or your child. The phases your child is in, will be over before you know it, and you will have more hair on your chest when it's through too! hahaha

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Today's tune: Brown Eyed Girl (for obvious reasons)Photobucket

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yesterday was the first day of school for the girls. The first day at their new school. The first day at a charter school. The first day of uniforms....

I dropped them off in the morning very quickly. Partly because we didn't get their as early as I had planned, but mainly because I didn't want to loose it in front of them. It's so hard not to second guess your decisions. Well, I should speak for myself. Maybe no one else has that problem. It's so hard for me to not second guess my decisions.

The last couple of days, Loo has been very vocal about her NOT wanting to attend this new school. She told us numerous times that she wants to stay with her "friends", which I am now referring to as the "f" word. She broke down several times on Tuesday. Once it was about her braces and the fact that she still has them. Next it was about not being able to see her "f" words. Next it was about makeup, and last, but not least, it was about a shirt. She didn't want to wear a boring polo shirt. "All the kids are going to have cute shirts on!" she shouts to me between snot sniffing. But yesterday, Loo really surprised me. She jumped out of bed, got ready, and went to school with relatively no drama. I was half expecting to have a replay of some of our many, many times at the Jr. High last year, when Loo would sob and sob in the car in front of the school telling me she doesn't want to go. That I need to just take her home. That she hopes next year she can just get into ___ (the school we're at now) That she hates her teachers. And that they don't like her either. She had major anxiety about school to say the least. So you can imagine how glad I was to see the morning go off without a hitch.

Now, Super, on the other hand, was taking this whole, new-school thing in stride. She was excited to go to the same school as her cousins, she was excited for the uniforms, and she was very excited for Discovery (more about that later). She got up and went to school great too! She did ask me to walk in with her though, which I was already planning on. But all went well.

After school, I did the whole how was your day thing. Loo told me about "Kelly's son" and how he's "smokin'" (hot or cute, if you're not up on middle school lingo). Supe said she was stung by a bee, had three assemblies that day, and that she sits by some "annoying boys". She says "but Mom, guess what, I know 2 girls in my class!" I say "you do?!" She said "Ya, I know them from my book club over the summer" I tell her how cool that is, and she agrees. But as the night wore on, more and more things started to come out about Supie's day. First she said "lunch today was booorinnnng". When I asked why she said "All's what I did was just stand there" (her words, not mine). I said "what about the girls from book club?" She said "they just kept running away from me" She's too shy (and proud) to go and ask someone if she can play with them. Later I asked about other kids in her class that were new to the school, and she said there was only one other person. She started crying and said "I just wanna go back to my old school so that I can have friends" That dumb "f" word again!

Anyway. I don't know why I expected this to be any different. It IS a new school and they don't know anyone in their class. I think that one of the hardest parts of it all is that this is voluntary. We didn't move. The boundaries didn't change. We just chose to go to a new school. So there is definitely a feeling of this being an option, and it would be much easier to stay at the old schools. For many reasons. (but we're not going into that today)

BUT we chose this school because of the MANY fantastic things it has! For one thing, it's the philosophy of the school that whenever possible, they don't use text books. How do they learn? They go as far back to the original source as possible. So sometimes that means researching on the Internet, other times, it's going to museums or to the actual place of origin. They go on lots and lots of field trips, only they don't call them that. I can't remember what they call them. They also do Discovery for the elementary kids. In discovery, the kids get to choose what they want to learn about. For example, this time, Super got to choose from gymnastics, rock climbing, ice skating, swimming and tennis. Next time, they get to it's technology related. They'll do discovery for a total of 17 weeks throughout the year. Loo will get to go on "Adventures" throughout the year. A couple of them are camping trips. Another is a rafting trip down the Colorado River. So basically, what I'm saying is that we just need to hang in there, for this first little while. I think in the end it's going to be a great experience!

Song for the day (my favorite school song) We're Going to Be Friends by White Stripes (cross your fingers that the girls will make some soon)

Best and Worst Things of the First Day of School

When the girls got in the car after school, I asked each of them what the best part of the day was and the worst part of the day was. I plan to do this at the end of school each day. I think it will make for great car conversations! Loo's worst thing: being a loner in her crew (crew is kind of like a homeroom class)
Loo's best thing: meeting Kara

Super's worst thing: getting stung by a bee at recess
Super's best thing: finally getting some peace and quite to read to herself at the end of the day.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best Day Ever!

aka. pictures that go with the "Quality Time" post.

Looking at the cute little family of ducks...
For this picture, I believe her exact words to me where "Ohhhhh mom! Do we have to take more pictures?" I reply "Yes Sweetie! I want to get some pictures of you 'cause you look so cute!" She giggles. "You're so weird!"
Today's hit is Best Day Ever by Spongebob SquarepantsPhotobucket

Feeling Anxious

...about the girls in their new school...
are they going to be able to make friends easily?
am I going to like their new teachers? ...will the girls like them?
am i going to be able to handle the added stress of a 40 minute round trip twice a day?
how much volunteer work can I do realistically?

....about my oldest turning 18...
(turning 18 isn't really where the stress is) but it's SO. HARD. to sit back and just watch your children live and learn. At this point in her life, we can give advice, but we really cannot prevent anything from happening. I have to say, that in all of my years as a mother, this is probably the number one most frustrating thing I've encountered. The next few months will be very telling.
(no, she isn't doing drugs, drinking, or getting into "trouble")
I just have to keep reminding myself...


Monday, August 17, 2009

Quality Time

aka Mommy Moment Monday:
Last week, the big girls were at Girl's Camp, which meant Super and I were able to get some good mommy-daughter time!
We decided for our big "date", we would go to Gardner Village to do some shopping, grab lunch, and get some fudge. There are two really delicious places there that we usually hit each time we go. Sweet Afton's (for fudge) and Naborhood Bakery (for cookies, sandwiches, drinks, etc). We giggled at our messy sandwich faces, drooled over the delicious fudge that we picked out and brought home, and talked and took pictures, and sang in the car. What a nice way to spend the day!
Anyway, my mommy moment is this: spend quality time ALONE with each of your children. It's good for both of you!
(pictures to come later today, hopefully)

Look out people!

I can feel it coming groove is coming back! I have ideas now for posts! Brace might actually see 3 this week!!!! Holy crap! What would that be like????

Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Semester

(mommy moment #3)

Today, I will embark on something new. I am offering some last minute summer courses to anyone who is interested.

Toilet Emergency Preparedness #1 and #2
In this course, students will learn what to do to prevent bathroom catastrophes. We will cover everything from what to do when there is just a 2 squares of toilet paper left of the roll, to the actual roll replacement plan of happiness, and finally, what to do if you have no toilet paper and you are stranded on the pot (this section of class will be particularly handy).

Towel Tips 222
This is a how to class with demonstrations on towel hanging up and how to use it more than once. I'll share one tip with you right now: Each kid has their own color of towel (in our house, it's the color of their room), then every Tuesday, it's "towels and toilets Tuesday". You clean the toilets and was the towels. But that tip ONLY works if you sign up for this class! As a special introductory offer, the first 3 people who sign up for this class, will get a free towel hook!

Eclectic Electric 1752
This class is amazing. You will learn about different lighting types and where the switches are located, and how to turn off every light in just seconds. This class will actually save you money and make Ben proud!

Shoo! Shoes 2
Do you have flip flops strewn everywhere about your house? Then, you'll flip when you start this course! Learn what happens to shoes that get left under the table. What about shoes left outside? Where are shoes supposed to be when they aren't placed upon feet? In this class we will discover the possibilities for these situations and more! Also included is a 2 disc DVD set with how-to guide and special bonus features!

Are you interested in a course not offered here? Please let me know. I will try to offer it in the upcoming fall courses. Be sure to check back then for classes such as doing homework without complaining, going to bed on time, and more!

Song for today Summer Song by Chad and Jeremy (thanks to my blog friend, Julie for helping me remember that great song)
One other note about this post. The words here, are my own, but the idea is not mine. I saw a women's post about her classes for her husband (she had about 15 of them) and laughed my head off, but when I tried to find the post again, I couldn't. So, Lady who wrote the post about courses for her husband...thanks for the great idea!

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