Thursday, August 20, 2009

Best and Worst Things of the First Day of School

When the girls got in the car after school, I asked each of them what the best part of the day was and the worst part of the day was. I plan to do this at the end of school each day. I think it will make for great car conversations! Loo's worst thing: being a loner in her crew (crew is kind of like a homeroom class)
Loo's best thing: meeting Kara

Super's worst thing: getting stung by a bee at recess
Super's best thing: finally getting some peace and quite to read to herself at the end of the day.


McCulley's said...

Goodness quite eventfull for super! they look so cute in their uniforms. I really don't think uniforms are such a bad idea. I think those are cute. They are uniforms right??? Or did they just dress alike....LOL

w.v. minesse adj.: finesse mini style!

Lauren Letters said...

I wish my uniform was THAT casual!!!! I have to wear a skirt 4 out of 5 days!!!!!!!! Lucky them!

Nene said...

They look stinkin' cute! That shirt, Loo, is hot! You'll have a crew soon, and boys crushing on you like crazy!