Monday, August 31, 2009

Do Something For Yourself

(aka Mommy Moment Monday)
I have come up with 1 thing that I am proud of, though you may not feel like it fits this category. BUT I'm going to share it anyway. *Dr. Phil says that whenever you insert a "but" it erases everything you said before it. Probably true, but here goes.

Friday, I spent time doing something I LOVE! Something just for me! Because I'm a firm believer that you have to take care of yourself so that you can be a better wife and mom. What did I do? Well, that's classified. Just kidding. I played Rock Band with a bunch of my moms. I absolutely love these ladies! They're so like me! We were cracking ourselves up on the ride home too! (More about that on my "other" blog)

We're thinking that we need to make some bowling shirts up that say "Rock and Roll Rejects" or something of that nature, 'cause I'm pretty sure we were all born to rock, but none of us went down that particular path.
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Shannon said...

GOOD FOR YOU! You are so right... you need to do things for yourself! That's where my obsession with taking pictures comes into the mix! :)

Panamenos said...

I think taking time for yourself is a very important part of being a mom. It's why I read so much and why I'm in a book club. We recently named our book club the "It's Not About the Book" Book Club, because while we do love talking about the book for that month, we mostly just love getting together and talking and laughing. Sometimes I laugh so hard my side hurts.

I have an amazing mom, but that is one thing I wish she would have done. She worked so hard and is incredible in so many ways, but she often seemed so tired and worn down. I don't remember her ever going out with a friend. The only thing she did to relax was read, but she didn't even do that very often.
This is a great example Brandi!

Brandi said...

I don't want you guys to get the wrong impression about me. I read in bed most nights, and I blog, but sometimes I just need to get all the way at someone else's house...or on a road trip...or whatever.

Ginger said...

just say it brandi you want to get away from you life some times :p jk i think it is awesome that you gals rock and roll. can i get a t-shirt even if i am not there :p

Hey Harriet said...

Way to go! You should do fun crazy stuff with your friends. It's the fun and crazy stuff that keeps us sane :D

julie king said...

so good that you were able to do something that you really loved!!