Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Feeling Anxious

...about the girls in their new school...
are they going to be able to make friends easily?
am I going to like their new teachers? ...will the girls like them?
am i going to be able to handle the added stress of a 40 minute round trip twice a day?
how much volunteer work can I do realistically?

....about my oldest turning 18...
(turning 18 isn't really where the stress is) but it's SO. HARD. to sit back and just watch your children live and learn. At this point in her life, we can give advice, but we really cannot prevent anything from happening. I have to say, that in all of my years as a mother, this is probably the number one most frustrating thing I've encountered. The next few months will be very telling.
(no, she isn't doing drugs, drinking, or getting into "trouble")
I just have to keep reminding myself...



Nene said...

Maybe I can provide you with some desserts to keep you less stressed. I'll even help you eat them! :)

Shannon said...

I LOVE that lil saying... can't say I've heard it before, but it's perfect! Not that I NEED any more desserts in my belly!

And feeling anxious for the first day of school seems to be quite common around these parts! Good luck and let us know how it goes on Wednesday!

Are parents required to do a certain number of volunteer hours at your girls' new school?

Brandi said...

Thanks Nene: I'm always up for desserts!

And, yes, Shannon. We have to do 30 volunteer hours. But after school carnivals, field trips, parties for holidays, cleaning up around the school grounds, etc are just some of the examples of things you can do to get your hours in.

Panamenos said...

Wow! 30 hours?! That's great...I wish our parents could volunteer more...Heck, I wish I could volunteer more. I'm sure your girls will love their new school, but change is always a little scary. (and exciting too...)

McCulley's said...

Where are they going again? I can't remember if you said. I agree the travel time is awful. We are doing that too for the next few weeks. I think things will be fine. I can't imagine watching my kidos making the more grown up decisions without wanting to jump in. So not ready!