Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Semester

(mommy moment #3)

Today, I will embark on something new. I am offering some last minute summer courses to anyone who is interested.

Toilet Emergency Preparedness #1 and #2
In this course, students will learn what to do to prevent bathroom catastrophes. We will cover everything from what to do when there is just a 2 squares of toilet paper left of the roll, to the actual roll replacement plan of happiness, and finally, what to do if you have no toilet paper and you are stranded on the pot (this section of class will be particularly handy).

Towel Tips 222
This is a how to class with demonstrations on towel hanging up and how to use it more than once. I'll share one tip with you right now: Each kid has their own color of towel (in our house, it's the color of their room), then every Tuesday, it's "towels and toilets Tuesday". You clean the toilets and was the towels. But that tip ONLY works if you sign up for this class! As a special introductory offer, the first 3 people who sign up for this class, will get a free towel hook!

Eclectic Electric 1752
This class is amazing. You will learn about different lighting types and where the switches are located, and how to turn off every light in just seconds. This class will actually save you money and make Ben proud!

Shoo! Shoes 2
Do you have flip flops strewn everywhere about your house? Then, you'll flip when you start this course! Learn what happens to shoes that get left under the table. What about shoes left outside? Where are shoes supposed to be when they aren't placed upon feet? In this class we will discover the possibilities for these situations and more! Also included is a 2 disc DVD set with how-to guide and special bonus features!

Are you interested in a course not offered here? Please let me know. I will try to offer it in the upcoming fall courses. Be sure to check back then for classes such as doing homework without complaining, going to bed on time, and more!

Song for today Summer Song by Chad and Jeremy (thanks to my blog friend, Julie for helping me remember that great song)
One other note about this post. The words here, are my own, but the idea is not mine. I saw a women's post about her classes for her husband (she had about 15 of them) and laughed my head off, but when I tried to find the post again, I couldn't. So, Lady who wrote the post about courses for her husband...thanks for the great idea!

Oh, my friend Shannon came up with Proud Mommy Monday- where you normally share a moment of which you are proud of something you did for your children or with your children, or an idea to make life easier. Please join us in sharing your stories and good ideas! Click here to play along!



Nene said...

I am rolling on the floor at this post! Do I get a discount for enrolling in all the classes?! Totally still laughing...

Anonymous said...

I am soooo happy you didn't go with the husband classes.


Shannon said...

THIS is GREAT! Will you please add a course on how to place your clothes INSIDE the laundry basket? I'm dying for my family to learn that one!

Webster's said...

Lovin it! I have two suggestions for nest semester:
1. Intro to the Garbage Can
2. How to answer "What is there to eat?" all by yourself

Great post! :)

Panamenos said...

You are hilarious... Let's see, how about a class for washing your own dishes (since my dishwasher is currently broken) or a class on removing fingerprints from windows, glass doors, glass tables, etc.!

You're awesome!

Brandi said...

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I think this is one of my funnier posts! I hope you agree! I'm hoping i'm on a post roll!

Elise said...

this is just great - thank you so much for sharing !

McCulley's said...

LOVE IT! thanks for the laugh.

Hey Harriet said...

That was fun! It seems your household is a great source of inspiration for class ideas. Lucky you! Or not ;D