Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The way to one's heart, is through the stomach...

(Proud Mommy Monday #2)
My girls and I have decided that each week, we are going to bake a new treat! It's not only a great way to bond, but it's also good math practice (fractions), good for when they will be mommies too, and well,!

So, I subscribe to "cupcake of the week" which has been very fun and has given me some great things to try. It's a free subscription. (where our second creation came from) You can also get a recipe a month to make a kids' cook book from their email or website.

Last week, we tried Cocoa Cola Cake. Loo clipped it out of a magazine in her foods class this past year, but I found the exact same recipe on the Coke website. Click here to view. I did everything as planned, except I didn't put the nuts in the frosting. It was delicious!

This week, we tried Root Beer Cupcakes. Here is the original recipe. I ended up cheating a bit. I used a spice cake mix. 3 egg whites, and a can of root beer. Then baked as directed on the cake mix. Then cooled the cupcakes. Frosting: 24 root beer barrel candies. (I couldn't find those, so I used 24 of the root beer hard candies you can buy at Reem's (if you live in UT). Crush the candies. Mix them into 3 cups of cool whip. Then frost the cupcakes. (make sure you store them in the refrigerator though, since they have the whipped cream. You don't want food poisoning) We took them over to the neighbor's house to share. The verdict: pretty dang good!

So, here's my Mommy Moment for the week. Bake something with your children. I'm pretty sure there are absolutely no calories or fat in items baked with your loved ones! :)
Today's song, is one that's very dear to me. Please click on the You-Tube video for a super-fun flash back. "It's The Real Thing!"
Here's a random thought: does anyone remember when there was Coke and Original Coke? Weird. I'm glad they took the confusion out and just stuck with "Coke".
I forgot to say that you should join in on celebrating your mommy moments. We all do dumb things, but it's nice to focus and remember the good things! The things we've done right. It might also spark an idea for someone else! You can still write about your duh moments though. We all like reading those! It's a misery loves company kind of thing! :)


Shannon said...

you're the BEST mommy! I strive to be more like you.. the only problem is I HATE TO BAKE! AND I'M HORRIBLE AT IT!!! It's MY disability! And to think... my daddy was a baker! Thanks for playing along... did you add your link?

Panamenos said...

How fun!!! I've never heard of cupcakes made with coke or root beer....some very clever people come up with these things. That cupcake a week recipe subscription sounds fun. ... I may have to join.

We love you Brandi! My girls talk about how much they love Mrs. Barnett all the time.

Alissa said...

I might want to start this Mommy momment. It sounds fun. I need to do something! I love your ideas Brandi. You are such a wonderful person. Live it up!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

That's a cool thought as a mum. Well, your smarty thinking of math lesson while baking? Cheers for that.

I never think this when my daughter is a kid.

Anyhow wonderful...

Nene said...

Whatcha been up to chick-e? Long time no talk! Are you just as busy as I am? Oh wait, I'm not busy I'm lazy! :)