Sunday, August 30, 2009


Sue's birthday photos will be posted as soon as she uploads them to the computer.

Today's song (for lack of a better one) is Teenagers by My Chemical Romance. Have you ever tried to find a song about teenagers that isn't derogitory? I swear it doesn't exsist! Don't get me wrong, I love the Teenagers song, but thankfully Loo isn't a bad kid, and she's not scaring the $#!+ out of me yet!


Panamenos said...

Happy Birthday Loo! Looks like a very fun day!

McCulley's said...

happy birthday and thank heavens she has kept the SH*@T in ya so far, best of luck that she will continue too :)

w.v. econe noun: the size cones Maddona wore.

Nene said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOO!!! 13 is gonna be an awesome year!

Shannon said...

ya... the poster picture is SO self-explanatory! :) Happy birthday to Loo!!! :)

Lauren Letters said...

Wow to you like my face in that one pic???? OHMIGOSH! I look like a fish! Either that or a girl who is desprate for a kiss!!!! ;) I had fun thanks for taking me and Happy Birthday to you Loo!!!!