Monday, August 17, 2009

Quality Time

aka Mommy Moment Monday:
Last week, the big girls were at Girl's Camp, which meant Super and I were able to get some good mommy-daughter time!
We decided for our big "date", we would go to Gardner Village to do some shopping, grab lunch, and get some fudge. There are two really delicious places there that we usually hit each time we go. Sweet Afton's (for fudge) and Naborhood Bakery (for cookies, sandwiches, drinks, etc). We giggled at our messy sandwich faces, drooled over the delicious fudge that we picked out and brought home, and talked and took pictures, and sang in the car. What a nice way to spend the day!
Anyway, my mommy moment is this: spend quality time ALONE with each of your children. It's good for both of you!
(pictures to come later today, hopefully)


Shannon said...

I agree! Each child needs quality time with each of their parents... it doesn't have to be daily or even weekly, but setting aside time is SO important! Okay.. so my dad's friend owns the Neighborhood Bakery.. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE thei sandwiches!MMMMM... I'm craving one now!

Thanks for playing along! You're the best!

Panamenos said...

how interesting that 2 of the moments this week were about spending time 1 on 1 with a child. Way to go Brandi! You're an awesome mommy.

Nene said...

I love it when it's just me and one of my boys! And I'm sure Super loved having you all to herself!