Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Don't Blink

I just wanted to give some advise to all my peeps out there with young children.....

DON'T BLINK! Your kids will be teenagers before you can say "Bob's your uncle"

Write down EVERYTHING! Blog it, journal it, write it on a piece of scrap paper, put it in your phone as a note... anything, but write it down. You won't remember the funny and sweet things if you don't!

Just yesterday, I was telling Jason some of the sweet things that Super said about her first day back at school. And guess what? I CAN"T REMEMBER WHAT SHE SAID! I don't know what happened to my memory, but it's frustrating, the past few years my memory has gone down the drain! How stupid is it that I can't remember what she said to me YESTERDAY!!!!

And then, because sometimes , well probably lots of times, my writing doesn't make sense, so I would like to clarify:
Loo is only 12, she just acts like she's 13! (in 7th grade now)
Sue turned 17 she's a Senior now
Super is 7 she's in 2nd grade
Me...I am 35, almost 36. I really don't feel old except when I tell people my kids' ages. Particularly Sue's age. (Most parents of 17 year olds are about 40 or older.) And also when I can't remember anything. I am Dorey. I just need to tell myself. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!" I guess that's good advise!

Here are some then and now pictures: (I borrowed this idea from my friend Janene...awesome blogger by the way. Even if you don't know her, her blogs are hilarious! You can check her out at "Fordhams" on my sidebar)

Sue's first day of Kindergarten:

Sue now:

Loo in Kindergarten:

Loo now:

Super's first day in preschool (Kindergarten wasn't long enough ago)

Super now:

Me in Kindergarten:

me now:

Jason in kindergarten:

Jason now:

Wow! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 5 o'clock shaddow.
mm mm mm sexy

Song for this post:
Don't Blink: Kenny Chesney (I'm not really a country fan, but the words to the song are fitting)


Johanson said...

You are not Dorey! We all forget things because we are all crazy busy! But, it's true that kids really do grow up way too fast!

Panamenos said...

i love that you included photos of you and Jason. What a fun idea!! I wish I had photos of Alfredo as a kid... we have exactly 2.

Shill and Company said...

That is wonderful advice Brandi. I fear that I sometimes get too busy worry about a clean house and don't cherish the time that I could have playing with and teaching my kids.

Those pictures were awesome that you posted. I'm wondering if Kylie is going to mail her missionary her "now" picture. I think he would like it. :0)

All of you guys look so awesome. Loved your now photo. Jason's was pretty cool too. You are such a funny girl. Thanks for making me smile.

Zobell Fam said...

Oh Brandy I love reading your blog!! And I have to agree they do grow up way to fast!!

Cami said...

Okay you have got to be the most entertaining person I know. Thanks for ALWAYS making me laugh...."Lame Giant"

Nene said...

I am clueless - I would have had no idea you were "borrowing" my idea had you not mentioned it. We can be Dory together! Love the flashback pictures! Cute post!

McCulley's said...

I love your posts. Wow they do grow up fast. I too have had my bladder too close to my eyes. I went as far as to ask Braeda to stay home for one more year! AHH I am crying again! What has motherhood done to me!