Monday, August 25, 2008


Check out her hair! And I just love the mole on her neck.

Caught red handed!
Super likes to sneak my camera. I can always tell when she does it though, 'cause there is inevitably a self-portrait or two... or five! And there is almost always a picture of one of our pets. Today, Dax was her subject. If you look closely, on the left of Dax, there are some stuffed animals. Well, they showed up a few pictures later.

This is a cute picture of her though! What a sweet dog!

Song for this post: I'm too sexy. By Alvin and the Chipmunks


Nene said...

I was just thinking the other day how much I love the music on your blog - because you customize it! I won't come on to hearing songs you randomly picked because you like them. You take the time to select songs that go with your posts and I just love that! It is one of the things I look forward to when I check out your blog! You take that little music player to a whole new level!

Shill and Company said...
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