Friday, August 1, 2008

Breaking Dawn T-shirts

I have been trying to come up with a Breaking Dawn t-shirt for myself. I need to find the right one for me. And I can't make a decision to save my LIFE!

cause he makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside

Forget being a Princess
I want to be a Vampire!

I kissed a vampire and I liked it

cause he could give Big a run for his money

If Cinderella can have Prince Charming...
Why can't I have Edward?

I like my men cold dead and sparkly

Real vampires Sparkle

Jason came up with: My other husband is a vampire

Forget Prince Charming
I want Edward

Since Cinderella has Prince Charming
Why can't I have Edward?

My HEART belongs to my missionary...
My NECK belongs to Edward

Bite me at the Break of Dawn (this one is very similar to last year's Bite Me Edward shirts though)

My sis-in-law is doing
Cullen Swan '08
Vote for CHANGE

Songs for this post:
Who wants to live forever? by Queen (I hope Bella does)
A Change Will Do You Good- by Sheryl Crow will have to sing that one in your head cause playlist didn't have it , and my husband is sleeping, so he can't find it for me- dang it!


Webster's said...

Hi Brandi-

When I was cruising through DI for some furniture refinishing projects I saw some wonderfully horrific bridesmaids dresses and thought of you! I just had to laugh!
Have a great time tonight with your awesome girls.


Johanson said...

I personally like the one Jason came up with! Has he read them? I can't get Mike to! How was it last night? I am glad I didn't commit because we have had the stomach bug in our house this past week! Let me know how it went!