Thursday, August 7, 2008

Heroes... check it out!

Melanie asked me about Heroes, and if we have watched it from the beginning. Well, the answer is yes, and no. We have never watched an episode on TV. We have just recently started renting them from the libary (purposefully spelled wrong, because we call it that at our house to be funny) In fact today, I am going there to pick the last disc of the first season. Then we will have to wait for the second season to come in.
Just a note if you do start watching them... the first couple of episodes in the first season has one character that can be a little racy.

This is why we say "libary":
We also love the show My Name is Earl. In the Teacher Earl episode, Randy asks "How can people find the libary if they can't even speak English?" It's my favorite Earl episode. It has some great Joy moments too!

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I can TOTALLY remember that Earl episode SO FUNNY!!

We have done the same thing with "Lost" do you watch those??? If you don't then you HAVE to!!! We are SO SO hooked! I have all of seasons 1,2 and 3 if you want to borrow them, we just ended up watching season 4 online and now we're DYING for season 5 to start.

I think I will definitely try to get the Heroes seasons from the library, right now (since we're done with lost) I've got season 1 of "24" on hold but my friend just told me that our library is closed until the 19th. DARN! :)