Sunday, August 24, 2008


This is how we spent the day of Sue's birthday:

At Jiffy Lube! How fun is that?!?!
So here's what happened-
I got an oil change that morning at Jiffy Lube, and apparently they didn't put the radiator cap back on, SO my car overheated on the freeway!
It was awesome! We were driving along just fine, then my AC stopped working. I thought maybe it was just time to get it charged, but then I looked at my car's temperature gauge and noticed it was way beyond the hot mark! When I pulled off the freeway, there was steam coming out of the hood. NICE!
I was able to pull into Golf in the Round. It was the closest thing off the freeway with a parking lot. A nice man came and helped me. He found my radiator cap in a little crevice. Then he helped me get my car over to a hose and he filled up my radiator with water so that I could take it back to Jiffy Lube.
Thankfully, I made it to Jiffy Lube just before the car overheated again. They had to flush my radiator and give me a new cap and gasket for it. What a pain in the butt!

Finally, about 2 hours after we left the house, we could finally get the errands done that we needed to do before taking the girls out to dinner for their birthdays.

Dinner was very nice! We went to Tepanyaki. Loo had some sushi, Super had chicken, and the rest of us had steak. YUM-O!

Once we got home for dinner, we gave the girls Rock Band. We don't usually combine b-day gifts but we thought that if everyone would be playing it eventually, it shouldn't go to just one of them. Anyway, after that, we gave Sue the rest of her presents. She got some work out shoes, her hair colored and some jewelry. It's so hard to wrap my head around the fact that she is 17!!! Saying that makes me feel OLD!

Saturday was Loo's birthday. She got a Sansa Fuze with Sansa paraphernalia, the Mamma Mia soundtrack, and a makeup bag. Yes, she is wearing make-up now...and a new attitude. Not sure how I feel about the latter. She went from 11 to 13. I don't know where 12 went :(


Nene said...

Oh how I love Tepanyaki. And birthdays. You spoil your girls with love. Sure, they may get gifts, but it's obvious that there is mondo love spoilin' going on. You and Jason are fabulous parents!

Webster's said...

What a bunch of gorgeous girls!

Shill and Company said...

I'm glad that the day turned out ok after your lovely car difficulties. That was El-Lame-O!

Sounds like the girls got some really fun things. I love birthdays!