Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Grab your popcorn, coke and red vines (Tuesday Tell All)

First of all, I feel I should tell everyone where we like catch our flicks. Our favorite theater is Megaplex 17 at Jordan Commons. We love the reserved seating! We love the 1.00 movie mug refills! Love that you can add lemon, cherry or vanilla to ANY drink you want there. I also love that the drinks are self serve, so you can get how ever much ice you like. Mmm they have good coke! And I love frozen Junior Mints (which they sell there) Did I mention reserved seating? That's right. you can order your tickets online, go out to eat, then slide into the theater just as the show is getting ready to start. NO MORE WAITING IN LINE!

Jason and I kicked off the summer movie season with the most anticipated movie of the summer (for me). We went on the opening night to see Sex and The City. Don't you judge me! (famous My Name is Earl line) We gave it 2 thumbs up. As fans of the series, it was everything we wanted it to be. I saw it twice, it was that good!

*Iron Man---our rating, 5 thumbs up. Great super-hero movie. I loved how Iron man was driven to make things right that his company did so wrong. It was pretty funny at times too.

*Wall-E ---our rating: 5 thumbs up. Very smart story line. Loved the messages in the movie as well as the love story! Fabulous!

*Hellboy 2 -- our rating: 2 thumbs up (only Jason and I saw that one, but I am positive that when my kids see it, it will be 5 thumbs up on that movie too)

*Batman Dark Knight-- our rating: 5 thumbs up. Awesome! Heath Ledger did a great job, and Christian Bale is making me re-think who my favorite super-hero is.

*Mama Mia-- our rating: 2 thumbs up (only Lexie and I saw that one) But, so you don't think I am insane with my official rating on this one: The story line was really cute, but I thought the ending was a HUGE cop-out and some of the singing was down-right scary! BUT, the songs, minus some of the singers, are fun! And, to see Loo loving it so much, how could I not give it a thumbs up?

And that, I think, is all the shows we saw this summer!
I should also mention a favorite website that we go to whenever we want to see a movie. I cannot stand paying for a movie I don't like, so we always check rotten tomatoes before we spend any money on the show!
Here are a few songs from some of our summer flick-list
Beautiful Freak- The Ells (Hellboy 2)
Mamma Mia- Meryl Streep (Mamma Mia)
Down to Earth- Peter Gabriel (Wall-E)
Labels or Love- Fergie (SATC)

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Shill and Company said...

I love reserved seating!!! The closest theater to us that has it is in Ogden, but for some movies it's just worth driving that far and getting there right before show time!

I can't believe all of the movies that you guys have seen. Thanks for giving us some great reviews!

We are dying to get together with your sweet family again soon. Hopefully we will have everything wrapped up in a few more weeks. We were suppose to go camping this weekend but Chris had such anxiety about getting projects done that we canceled. Sad but true!