Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Breaking" News

Well, I'm about exactly half-way through. Still liking it! But letting Loo read it for a few. Plus, at some point I have to go make dinner and pay attention to my kids!


Cindy said...

So is that why you weren't at church today? Too busy reading? Just, giving you a hard time. I have no idea if you were at church. I just taught Lexie's class today and she wasn't there. :)

Webster's said...

Good for you! I started a 7 book series while waiting for this one to come out and I am pretty sure I am still grounded from reading. :) Something about 2 babies, dinner, laundry, a six year old (Thank you Nintendo for babysitting so I could read!) and so on! :)

Shill and Company said...

You are one crazy fast reader. I'm glad that you are enjoying it.