Saturday, August 2, 2008

Heaven.. I'm in Heaven..

(thank goodness it's fast sunday)
Yeah! Which means I don't have to teach, which means more time to read, which means. More. Time. With EDWARD!

Right now, I am on about page 140 and lovin every minute of it! I would be reading now, but my eyes hurt, and poor Lex hasn't even had a chance to read anything! I would hardly let her open the book until now (I know, I'm MEAN)

To keep you company while you visit...
Young at Heart by Frank Sinatra (because fairy tales can come true!)
Cheek to Cheek by Fred Astaire (because I'm in Heaven! And it's got me so that I can hardly speak)

1 comment:

Shill and Company said...

I must say that you have quite a remarkable skill matching up a song with every post. What an amazing mind you have. I love it!

Glad to hear that you are enjoying the book so much. I'm not sure when I'll get around to buying it. I hope to fairly soon though.