Friday, August 1, 2008

Miss Un-Independent

It's been awhile since I have told everyone how FREAKING AMAZING my husband is! He knows how to fix EVERYTHING! A couple of weeks ago, he did a brake job on our van - saved us a couple hundred smackers too!

You know, I used to be so independent! When it was just Sue and I, I would do everything by myself. Partly because I had no choice, but also because I took pride in doing it myself. But ever since I got married, I just wait for Jason to do it. Lately, that has really bothered me about myself! So I have been trying to take things into my own hands more frequently. The only problem is, I don't know how to do so many things! Like brake jobs.

So, last night, I was looking for a Twilight font so I could make my T-shirt for tonight. I found one, clicked download, then couldn't find it anywhere! For some reason this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME I download a font. It drives me NUTS! So, I go up to my cute husband, who is watching X-Files in bed with his jammies on, and ask him if he will PLEASE come help me find the stupid font. It takes him about 30 seconds to install it. (I had been trying for about 20 minutes!)

Another reason Jason rocks ... He doesn't mind coming in second to Edward right now!
I love you as much as 10,000 monsters Hun!


Shill and Company said...

That's a funny story. I know that you too are still quite independent. Look at what you do with your work. Come now Miss Brandi, you still got it baby! Just enjoy the fact that you have a very helpful husband who has some different skills. No doubt he appreciates what you do as well.

McCulley's said...

You are amazing I think you do a great job on your own, he doesn't do your preschool stuff. But I am right there with you my husband completes the things I can't do oh so well! I lose my fonts every time too I have given up! If ya figure it out let me know.