Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I need a hero! (Tuesday Tell-All...well, sort of)

With my new-found- favorite- TV- show, Heroes; and my present obsession with the Twilight Saga, it got me thinking about special powers. So, my Tuesday Tell All today is going to be about that!

I think I have always been somewhat fascinated with the thought of having special powers. Even when I was a little girl, my cousin and I would play Wonder Woman in my barn. We would jump off the haystacks and pretend to use our ropes to make people tell the truth. Now, as an adult, I love watching movies about heroes too. In fact, some of my favorite movies are about superheroes. So I've been asking myself, if I had some "special talent", what would I hope it could be?

In Heroes, there are lots of different people with different types of powers. A mind reader, a telekinetic person, a time traveler, someone who can fly, someone who is super super strong, a fire starter, someone who can heal their own body, someone who has the ability to fix anything electronic, and someone who can get the powers that other people posses. It's so cool!

So, I think that if I could choose my super-natural abilities, I would be a healer, or a time traveler. How cool would it be if you could heal people? Take cancer out of people and stuff like that? Or if you were a time traveler, you could go back and fix big mistakes. Like 9-11.

Silly thoughts ha? oh, well, that's how I roll! Want a special power? Post it here. I want to know there are people out there like me. Hero-wanna-be's! :)

So here are some hero-type songs to keep you company as you visit today:
Superman- REM
Holding out for a Hero- Frou Frou
Hero- Wallflowers


Panamenos said...

I've always wanted to be able to fly. You know so you don't get stuck in traffic or have to walk so far or stuff. If I'm being honest, I get motion sickness and I am somewhat afraid of heights, so if I could fly, I maybe would hate it. But it's always seemed like it would be nice to get places faster.


Hmmm. I think it would be cool to be able to read peoples minds, then I could always know instead of always wonder what people REALLY are thinking about me. hee,hee. :)

Loved your cute comments on my blog!! Blogging is so much fun!!

Thanks for letting me know about those shirts, I just LOVE them!! I've been painting shirts lately but haven't done my blog post about them yet...partly because the ones I made for my boys are still not all the way done. sigh. :)

I haven't even STARTED the 4th book yet, I've got to get crackin. I just hate the feeling when it's all done so I think I'm procrastinating a bit on purpose, how stupid is that?!


Oh, and have you watched this from the beginning? I caught a few last season but was SO CONFUSED, I wondered if I should try to catch up and get the other seasons from the library or something.

Also, I put your blog name as "Our life as a Musical" on my list, is that good, or would you rather I just put your names? LMK!