Friday, August 8, 2008

Sound of Pulling Heaven Down

So, I don't know if any of my fellow Twilight Saga fans were able to catch the Breaking Dawn concert last night, but I did and it still gives me chills to think about it!!!

The concert started at 8, but I tuned in about 9:15 or so. Just in time to hear 2 songs from Justin Furstenfeld (from Blue October) and then get the introduction to Stephenie Meyer. I was cheering alone in my office. Pathetic ha?!

Anyway, Stephenie did a Q&A thing. Answering some questions. I don't remember a lot of the questions, but there are a few that stuck out and I'd thought I would share. (I will try not to spoil anything, but if you are questioning that, then STOP reading and wait till you have finished the book.

The first one I remember was about the receptionist from New Moon (the Vuturi's receptionist). Someone wanted to know what happened to her. Stephanie said she didn't exist anymore. She died. The Volturi had to destroy her because she knew too much. (everyone in the audience cheered and Stephanie said "you do realize you are cheering over a woman's death?") kind of funny.

The next one was about the cover of Breaking Dawn. Someone wanted to know if it's meaning was significant. (this is the one where if you are timid about a spoiler, don't keep reading, but I promise to be vague) She said that the cover is a complete description of where Bella came from and then later became. That the the pawn is the lowest on the chess board and when Bella started, she was clumsy as all get out and everyone had to save her, but then, in the end she became the Queen, the most powerful person of all. (I really liked that. It gave me chills)

People asked about a pretend book called Breaking Down that sounded pretty funny. Almost like a parody of the series, but until last night I hadn't ever hear of that project. (It doesn't sound like it will ever really be published)

Someone asked about Leah and what happened to her. She said that Leah was second in command and to remember that she is happier in that pack than she was before, but that there were definitely more stories to be told with her. Maybe she would re-visit her in 10 or 20 years (she laughed).

BUT, the best part of the concert, hands-down, was when Justin Furstenfeld and Stephenie sat down together. She talked about how music was a huge part of her writing process. She said that My Chemical Romance is totally Jacob's voice. Justin called her the "Literary Jesus".

He played a song called "My Never" that is what Stephenie describes as Jacob's song. She said the song is from p. 355 of Breaking Dawn. Unfortunately, the song is not released yet, and won't be for another year! Too bad. But maybe if enough screaming women e-mail him he'll release the single. (we can only hope) But, my Never is about the one that got away, the one that you could never have, yet you love so much. So some of the words go I stood outside her heaven....won't you let me in? I hope he touches all four skies for you. (Justin said that meant I hope he is everything you want him to be). There were words about doing everything you wanted me to do , being everything you wanted me to be. But then being trampled on. ......I am positive that I'm not doing the song justice, because I can't remember all the words. But it was so Jacob. It made me cry. (and I'm an Edward fan)

Justin explained that the song was about his relationship with his wife (before she became his wife) Thank goodness for happy endings!

The song Hate Me is Edward in the meadow before he leaves in New Moon. Just listen to those words. Fits perfectly!

The song Sound of Pulling Heaven Down is Edward's song to Bella. I can definitely see that. Especially the part of the song that talks about the kiss.

And one last thing: another question that Stephenie answered. What was your favorite Edward and Bella scene? She said it was the last 2 pages in Breaking Dawn. (I have about 85 pages to go)

Well, I hope you liked my Concert update. You can enjoy both of Edwards songs while you are reading!

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Brandi, I honestly don't know what to say here. You are so completely obsessed I am in awe. Wow girlie. Is there anything that you don't follow with this whole thing? You crack me up!