Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to school

(blurry picture. What the heck ?)

Friday was Loo's first day of school. Sue and Super went back today. The house was strangely quiet!
(self portraits)

True story: You know how most people cry when their little kindergartner goes off to school, well I don't remember feeling sad when Lexie went to kindergarten, but for some reason, I was bawling when she went to 7th grade! Wednesday night was orientation. I turned to Loo and asked her if she was overwhelmed, and then I started with the water works. I felt like an idiot. But for some reason, I just felt like she shouldn't be old enough to go to such an awful place. Not necessarily the school, but Jr. High in general. It was the pits for me, and I don't feel that any kid should have to endure it. So. Yah, I was bawling. Like a baby. Thankfully I pulled myself together pretty quickly.

(do you think I could benefit from a photography class?)
And, today, when I took Super to school. I couldn't help thinking that she was going to be in that big giant school all by herself. Well, not by herself, but with no big sisters there to look out for my little Pumpkin Head. I almost started crying today too. What's with me. I think maybe my bladder has moved to my eyeballs!
Super and Ms. Spencer

Thankfully I didn't get sad about Sue going to school today. She is a SENIOR! Crap! How did that happen? But really I am so excited for her that I don't have time to be sad. I just love that she's on a mission. So-to-speak. She told me today after school that school is going to be so "amazing" this year and that she just loves it. We couldn't be happier about her change in attitude. Last year, she was so ready to be done with school. All she could talk about was getting out of school. It's a nice change!
So... in the end, I am sad because my kids won't stop growing up, but my kids are so excited to be in school and getting older!
Songs for this post:
Beautiful Day- U2
We're Going to be Friends- White Stripes (I think this is the BEST back to school song EVER)


Nene said...
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Panamenos said...

they all look great for their first day!

and you have my girls in hysterics listening to "i'm too sexy" by the chipmunks. :)