Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Dawn is Breaking

The wait is finally over! Last night at 12:15, I left Walmart with my beautiful book in my arms! I wanted to wrap it in blankets and strap it down in the car seat, but thought better of it. Had I been alone, I might have!

So with all the talk I've had about this book you may wonder what we did for the release... well for starters my girls and I made t-shirts. I finally decided on

because I like my men Cold Dead and Sparkly
It was such a tough decision! All day long I was actually stressed about it. I asked Jason why this was such a big deal and he nailed it... he said "because it's like your mission statement to the world". After I thought about it, I thought he's right. That is exactly what my problem is! In case you are wondering...My husband has powers that are similar to Edward's. He can read me like a book! He also has some of Rosalie's powers (in that he can fix anything)

Anyway, once we got to the party, we started on Alice's makeovers.

Then, we played Twilight Saga pictionary. Sadly, team Jacob won that game! (this team not pictured, 'cause we are Edward Fans)

Then we made bookmarks with Kelli's Cricket machine (very cool by the way) And we ate some red velvet cupcakes... Smooth as Edwards voice, and red like blood. And some orange chicken, the amber color of Edwards eyes! lol (that one was kind of a stretch) And we drank blood; punch that is! We had a Carlisle game planned and some others too, but talking about what our predictions were and just plane chatting was what we did most. (Us girls tend to do that from time to time)

At about 11:15ish we went to Walmart where a couple of ladies from our group were staking out a spot! Thanks Jennifer and Priscilla! You guys rock!

Then, once the book was released, we grabbed our books and went back to Kelli's house to play Twilight trivia, take some pictures and finish making our bookmarks.

Here are more pics:

This one is of me and my BFF Alissa! Her shirt read "Edward is good at everything...think about that for one hot second!"

Here's our group minus Jennifer and Priscilla (at waleyworld)

It's the little things that count!On the back it said "My NECK belongs to EdwardCute pjs so we could be up til the break of dawn, reading :)

Loo ended up using: Forget Prince Charming... I want Edward

It was a very fun night! Thanks Melinda and Kelli for doing all the planning!



BRANDI!! Hey, it's Melanie...not sure if you remember me much, but I am SO EXCITED to see your cute site and cute kids! I tried awhile ago but it wouldn't let me in. I can't believe how big your kids are!! I still picture them tiny. It's amazing how fast they grow! I just loved this post! I don't have the book yet (my sis bought it for me because she was working at the Breaking Dawn party at the bluffdale Walmart) but I'm DYING for it. YAY!

LOVE LOVE LOVE those shirts! How did you do them? Just with Iron on transfers?? SO SO CUTE!!

if you ever want to check us out we're at - it's so fun to catch up!! :)

Cindy said...

Sounds like so much fun! All those cute sayings on the shirts don't really mean a lot to me because I am the one person on the planet who hasn't read the books. I know that Edwards is a vampire and that's about it. Love Kylie's t-shirt! Reminds me of when I was waiting for my missionary (Mark). So, I think as soon as we are back from trek I'll have to finally start reading these books!

Shill and Company said...

You guys look like you had an absolute blast. That is awesome! I loved the shirts that you guys made. They were all great sayings. Kylee's cracked me up.

Are you planning on a big party when the movie comes out as well?

Zobell Fam said...

So that explains why I did not see you at Barnes and noble!! There were so many people there it was crazy but worth it!! I will be posting pics ones I finish the book!! I AM LOVING IT!!!!