Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"That's shocking!" (otherwise entitled: the last time I get to use an elf quote this year)

I'm not really one for doing a new Year's Resolution. Never have been really. I don't know if it's the fear of letting myself down, or what, but I hate making them. However, this year, I've decided to try it on for size. So. Ya ready? Can I get a drum-roll?

My resolution is to shed some of this excess weight. I've decided that there is no longer a need for me to carry my year's supply with me where ever I go. I can leave it home in the basement, where it belongs.

There. I've said it.

So, what brought this on? Other than the fact that I'm shopping at Lame Giant on a regular basis now? And, then there's the fact that I don't like to get my picture taken when it shows my waist line?

Well, I don't really know exactly. But, one thing that has helped, is my- make that our new wii fit. I stepped on that damn thing yesterday and it told me I was overweight. ("That's shocking!") And even worse than that is that my wii mii is now portly! With boobs! I've never had boobs before! Not even in real life!

Good news though...my legs hurt like no tomorrow and so does my stomach. But it's a hurt so good kind of pain. You know, 'cause I've been doing my wii fit and all. And, I must say, I'm holding my own in yoga!

So, without further ado, here's today's songs...

What Are You Doing New Years by Ella Fitzgerald

Alud Lang Syde by Mairi Campbell & Dave Francis ( you oughtta click on that song if its not playing when you are done here today. It is SO good. I think it's the best version of this song yet!) - from the SATC soundtrack. I've been waiting for about 7 months to be able to put this song on my blog. I knew I would the moment I saw the movie. And, it's from one of my favorite scenes with Carrie and Miranda. (love those guys)


Nene said...

I'm loving our Wii Fit too! Rock on witcha bad self! I told a friend the other night how you call Layne Bryant Lame Giant and she laughed so hard...it was awesome. You. Are. Hilarious!

Mike and Dee said...

I would love Wii fit too, but maybe next year! I'm not much of a resolution setter either, but good for you and your resolution! I've never heard anyone call it "lame giant!" That's so funny!!

Cindy said...

I think as long as you feel good it doesn't matter what size you are. I have always thought you looked good. And your clothes from "lame bryant" are super cute. I personally think the wii fit game goes a little overboard. I got on it and it did the same thing, made my mii all round bellied. It says I am overweight and on the verge of obese. Really, I know I could loose a few pounds but I wouldn't consider myself obese unless I was AT LEAST 50 pounds heavier. It was just depressing. Good luck on your resolution. I'm sure it's the same one I'll be making this next year. Just don't wait for that wii fit to tell you you're at the right weight because you will probably have to be skin and bones before then.

Shannon said...

I've been looking for a wiifit... but only after I realized it had yoga... cannot find one anywhere! O well! You don't know me.. I just saw your blog on Jenny Panamenos blog list and decided to read in for a bit! I'm with you... New Year's Resolutions are LAME!

O... just read a comment from Nene.. she is my sis-in-law!

McCulley's said...

LOL LOL LOL, seriously you crack me up. I refuse to get on a wii fit, cuz my girlfriend said hers just keeps gettin' plumper! Oh well.