Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Deb, your face is so pretty, it should be on a Christmas card."

Here's a scene from my #2 all-time-favorite Christmas movie (White Christmas). I think the movie needs more hype. There are lots of people who have never seen this movie. What a shame!
Snow is the song for my post today too, so enjoy! And, if you haven't ever seen White Christmas, I highly recommend renting it or something. It's fabulous! Please click play and enjoy while looking at the rest of this post. :)

I've been waiting for some snow, so that I could do this:


The Fife's said...

I love White Christmas, formerly known as Holiday Inn. I love the movie. My sister and I actually did the Sisters song for a talent show in Elementary. I would have to agree that it is a shame that some people haven't seen it.

McCulley's said...

How adorable. I love your title Pic, it is sooooo cute, you are gettin awful spiffy with your camera.

Shill and Company said...

Oh, I love these pictures. You have such beautiful girls. I just adore them all!

I also love the picture that you have as your header. Absolutely fabulous!!!

Nene said...

Those pics are gorgeous. (It's your girls that make them so!)