Thursday, December 4, 2008

"I'm a Cotton-headed Ninny Muggins"

"Oh, Buddy, you're not a Cotton-headed Ninny Muggins. You're just.....special"

I feel really "special" today. Special as in special needs, kind of special! Here's why: First of all, it hasn't been my day 'cause Super didn't get to school on time. I know, your thinking, what does that have to do with the price of tea in China, right? Well, when she's late, that means I'm late. Today, I'm pulling back into the garage, after taking her to school- as 2 of my preschoolers are waiting at the door to come in.

After my first class was over, and parents were picking up their kids, I went outside to sort of chase down a mom to talk to her. I was waving my arm trying to get her attention and a different mom thought I was trying to talk to her. While I was waving her off, I totally biffed it on the street. ( I didn't step down for the curb) It wasn't pretty. I still had my camera in my hand from taking pictures of the kids by my tree a few minutes earlier! I don't know what hit the ground first, my hand and camera, or my knees! Ouch! My knees hurt. They were bleeding in my jeans, I cut my hand, I tweaked both of my feet, and my camera has a big gash out of it! And probably the worst of my injuries, is my pride. How embarrassing!

I'm pretty sure at least 5 different parents saw me biff it! Plus, the mom who's attention I was trying to get... well, I had her attention. She was looking right at me trying to tell what in the world I wanted! One mom, Callie, was so sweet. I fell right in front of her van. She said, "while I was pregnant, we were following a realtor through a home, and I totally fell down the bottom 2 or 3 stairs." Her son was in the back of the van when I fell, and he asked what happened. When she told him I fell, his response was "like you do, Mom?" Thanks for helping me feel better Callie...more than once!!

Well, all I can say now is THANK GOODNESS IT'S MY FRIDAY!!!!!! It has been a LONG week. You teachers out there who read my blog...mainly Jenny, but sometimes Kimi reads too....... What is it with 5 seconds of snow and the affect it has on little students? What's your secret? How do you cope? What do you do when they are OUT OF CONTROL?

Well, that's all I have for this post! I think I need coke, chocolate or any other candy, and some serious rock band! (boo hoo! hours have passed since I began writing this post...never did play rockband... Now we are going to watch Hulk. It better be good!)

Now for today's song:
It should be "Slip Sliding Away" by Paul Simon, BUT darn playlist doesn't have it!! They are doing that a lot lately!

So, based on title alone: Falling Away with You by Muse. Great song!


Nene said...

I know I'm not supposed to laugh, but you wrote "biffed it" so big and bold and I just busted a gut! SORRY! When the kids are out of control just call me, I'll come get mine and class will probably calm down, lol.

p.s. Your title is one of my favorite parts of Elf! I love what you're doing with your Elf posts!

Webster's said...

Seriously, when I was teaching and it snowed, I quit EVERYTHING! We ran to the window for 10 minutes and stared out at the snow and talked about it. After that, I closed the blinds down and back to work we went. Some days it was easier than others, but it seemed to work for me. :)

Webster's said...

Totally off the subject of this post, but you must go to
You can get personalized binkies, 3 for $15. I am an obnoxious enough mom, that I think that would be a HILARIOUS stocking stuffer for your girls this year! :) There is one on there that says "MUTE BUTTON"! I thought it was great in relation to your posts lately!

Brandi said...

Hailey: I know what you mean about the binki. From the sound of my post, I think I need one too!

Quader's said...

I was so excited to see your post on my blog it was like Twighlight Christmas!!!! I wish I could say my gf has come thru for me and given me the dang books but she hasn't I know they are not expensive now but heck I could save the $7 bucks. She tells me recently she thinks she is going to give them to me for Christmas.. Well how bout an early Christmas :) So what are your thoughts should I read twilight or skip on to new moon? Most people I talk to say read twilight. Again thnaks for the Twilight Christmas blogging gift.. :) Did that make sense at all???? I am a goof if Alissa hasn't esablished that yet.

Panamenos said...

when my kids are wild, we either get up and play simon says or do some kind of stretching/movement or we put our heads down for a few minutes. i'll also let my kids watch the snow out the window for a minute and then close the blinds and get the kids refocussed. most of the time, one of these things work... but some days are just worse than others! sorry you fell down. that sounds like something i would do.

McCulley's said...

That is so sad. I fell in front of all the Dance moms a few years ago, it was so incredibly graceful I am sure! I hate doing stuff like that at least your camera still works cuz that would have made it that much worse. Did Jason kiss your Boo Boos better?

Anonymous said...

bahahahahhaa the second you told me about your fall i about peed my pants! everytime i think of it i laugh out loud! haha clutz for sure!