Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Treat every day like Christmas"

Before I go to bed, I have to say one more thing:

I am humbled.

One of our Young Women's leaders in our ward, told us about a family a couple of weeks ago. I know they aren't in our ward or stake, but that's all I know. Anyway, the Dad lost his job a few months ago, they just had child #5 and it was born several weeks early. They have no insurance, or income, and since the baby was so early, it spent quite awhile in NICU. The baby passed away last week.

Our Young Women are doing a Sub-for-Santa service project. The leaders have encouraged the youth to buy gifts for this family in lieu of gifts for each other.

Tonight, the leaders posted the families requests. The family has asked for only the bare necessities. One of the kids needs a coat, some need church clothes, some shoes, that type of thing. On the mom and dad's list is canned food and packaged food. That breaks my heart.

I felt thankful last week. I really did. But tonight, every time I think of that poor family, I start to cry. We don't have to worry about food. We can pay our mortgage and our utilities. Yes, I am extremely grateful for all that I have.

I pray that at this time of year, we can all find someone in need and help them. I read this quote somewhere within the last couple of weeks(can't remember where though) it said something like when you give something to a charity, it should hurt a little (meaning your wallet). It continued on to say that you should have to do away with something so that you can give more. I'm going to try to keep this in mind this holiday season.

Here are two songs for your enjoyment. Both with themes of being happy with what you've got.
Welcome Christmas by the Whoville Caroler
Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Sarah Mclachlan. Great Christmas album by the way. It's my favorite Christmas CD. Click here to listen to samples from Amazon.


Shannon said...

I, too, am humbled...thanks for sharing this story!

Panamenos said...

yes, thank you. my ward's young women/young men are also doing a sub for santa. (we do every year.) we ask the young women/men to donate money...it's the only activity all year where they pay. last year they contributed nearly $400.

this is a touching story. so sad that some people have such struggles.

i've read a quote by c.s.lewis that talked about how giving should hurt you, should actually be a sacrifice. not sure if it is the same one.

Mike and Dee said...

That is so sad! I was thinking about this and how the economy is bad, and that there are probably many families that are struggling this year. I would love to help as well as I think how blessed we are. I am so glad that the young women are doing such a good thing!!

Brandi said...

Thanks Jenny, I think it was that CS Lewis quote. I think I read it in my lesson manual for young women's.