Friday, December 12, 2008

"I'm siiinnngging. I'm in a store and I'm siiinnngging. I'm in a store, AND I'M SIIINNNGGING!"

So here's what I got with my Guru "shop":
12 boxes of cereal (6 Kellogg's and 6 general mills)
4 cake mixes
4 frostings
5 bags of cookie mix
4 boxes of Bisquick
2 boxes of hot chocolate
4 cans of Progresso soup
8 bags of frozen veggies
4 2-liters of coke products
3 muffin mixes
2 boxes of Progresso chicken broth
3 boxes of Helpers (like tuna, hamburger, chicken)
3 packages of Trix yogurt
I also got a loaf of bread and some apples

I bought 59 items in all. I used 60 coupons. I had $110.81 in preferred card savings and $37.75 in manufactures coupon savings. My grand total was $35.34. WOW! I have to say that again WOW! That's pretty awesome. Don't you think?

I am very curious about this program. And a little bit sceptical. I plan to watch over the next couple of weeks to see if I can get some different types of food for great prices. (I'm going to have to be a lurker though because I'm not currently taking the paper)

I'm also kind of a lazy shopper and I don't usually plan a whole lot before I go, so this would be very very different for me. And I'm a bit overwhelmed at starting this whole thing. Where do I start? How do I get these good deals when I haven't been taking the paper? (the Albertson's people told me they only allow 2 coupons printed from the internet at a time, so I can't just print them off myself)

I'm also trying to do a better job at saving the earth so-to-speak. And I know I won't read the paper. (let alone 2 papers) Every time I start taking it, I usually throw the whole thing away (well, now we have recycle bins, so I won't be throwing it away, just putting it in the recycle bin) And, in case you haven't picked up on this before, I can't make a decision to save my life! So there you are. And here I am. Undecided.

You can click here to see the Guru's shopping list for the week.

I'm so glad I got the chance to go do this! I have always wanted to go! It was awesome to feel so special! It was funny listening to the whispers throughout the store! Would I go again? Yes, a hundred times, yes! Thanks Trent for insisting your dad take me shoppin'! Thanks Sue, for coming with me. Most of all, Thank you, thank you, thank you to Mr. Roesbery!

Now for songs. Hmm. There aren't many songs out there about going grocery shopping with your daughter's soon-to-be father in law, so here's some for you from my favorite Christmas movie. Betcha can't guess what it is?
You Make Me Feel So Young: Frank Sinatra
What Christmas Means to Me: Stevie Wonder
Sleigh Ride: Ella Fitzgerald
Let It Snow: Lena Horne


McCulley's said...

Ya know when he owned the business himself, I tried so hard to do it, but like you don't plan very well to shop and was extremely overwhelmed needless to say never worked for me. But he is amazing at it.

Nene said...

Holy $*!^! That is a whole lot a food for not a whole lot a money!

Shill and Company said...

Way to go on your shopping spree. That was some serious cash that you saved. I have tried that system. I did it for about a year or so. My problem was that I bought a lot of junk food. Oh well, at least it was cheap! I really liked Mr. Roesbery. He was a lot of fun to listen to.