Friday, December 26, 2008

"He loves the snow. He's told me 15 times!"

Emily: We can't just throw him out in the snow.

Walter: Why not? He loves the snow. He's told me 15 times!

First off: WARNING!!! Lauren Hatch, Hannah Shill, or anyone else who frequents my blog under the age of 15. STOP reading. DO NOT PROCEED. And, if you think you might be offended. You should stop too.

Now for the story:
You ever find yourself saying something you didn't mean to say? Or it comes out of your mouth the wrong way. I do. Frequently.

And last night...I did a doozy!

We were at our neighbors house checking out their new gameroom. Very cool. Very very cool. Anyway, the conversation came up about the fact that Trent used the snowblower to de-snow our driveway. So nice of him. The conversation went kind of like this:

Trent: It's good exercise. I'll do it any time. No problem. In fact, tomorrow, I'll come do your driveway again. Don't even worry about it.

me: I wish we had a snowblower

Trent: Yeah, they're so nice to have

me: if we had a snowblower, I'ld blow my neighbors all the time!

everyone including Trent: Nervous looking around. A silent pause. Then hysterical laughter.

Yep, that's me. One foot in the door, the other in my mouth!


Mike and Dee said...

How funny! We've all said things that just didn't come out right! That's a good one though!

McCulley's said...

That's funny. Way to go. Bet he buys you a snowblower! LOL

Nene said...

I just peed my pants! And am crying since I'm laughing so hard. This is why I love being friends with you!

Shill and Company said...

You are a silly girl!

Shannon said...

oh!!!! THAT is TOO FUNNY!!!!