Friday, December 26, 2008

"You did it! Congratulations! World's best cup of coffee! Great job, everybody! It's great to be here."

(Subtitled what we got for Christmas)

It's hard to believe that all the presents are unwrapped and most are put away. It's good to know that all of our hard work paid off!

Sue got a new camera (to replace the one that got stolen), some boots, some shelves for her room, some earrings and a visa gift card
Loo got a bunch of clothes, a volleyball, a few pairs of shoes, and a wii game

Supe got a tether ball set, some snow boots, wii outdoor fitness game, and a Pirates lego ship

Jason got Angel (cologne) Mmm!! He smells scrum-diddley-umptious! Can't wait to put the kids to bed. he he he. He also got some clothes, and a Call of Duty game for the wii, and The Dark Knight DVD

I got some perfume, clothes, a purse, and the most important thing... ROCK BAND 2! Yeah!

Our family also got Wii fit, and some other wii paraphernalia.

Christmas Eve:
I don't know if your family does this, but we ALWAYS have Christmas Eve presents. They are usually pj's but there have been a few times when we deviate from tradition and do slippers, or a blanket. THIS year, we decided to throw the night time stuff out in the snow. Not really, but our kids need pjs like they need a whole in the head!!! So me, being the awesome wife, and cool mom that I am, came up with a new idea for our tradition! And the crowd goes wild! I thought wouldn't it be fun to give the family some games on Christmas Eve and then spend the evening playing them? So, that's what we did. We researched on Amazon and some game websites and found that lots of people love Ticket to Ride and Killer Bunnies. So we picked up those, as well as a wii zapper (gun). We made our traditional breakfast for dinner instead of breakfast, loaded the kitchen with treats, and Thomas Kemper Soda (also a tradition for us) and enjoyed a very fun and competitive family game night!

Ticket to Ride is AWESOME! It's super easy to learn and to play. It's a board game with a map of the U.S. Throughout the map, there are destinations. The object of the game is to complete railroads to the destinations you have in your hand. You can also score big points for having the longest connecting track. As you are playing, you can also try to out-smart the other players and block their routes. It can get very cut-throat, or you can play it nice. The choice is yours!

Killer Bunnies is supposed to be fun (we haven't played it yet though) It's a card game in which you have to be strategic to get the most carrots and keep your bunnies alive. Of course everyone is trying to do the same thing, so you get to tar other people's bunnies, or have them abducted by aliens, or all sorts of other things. I'll let you know how it is once we play it.
(if you are interested in either game, you will have to go to your local game store or amazon, or someplace similar. They aren't avail at Toys R Us, Wal-mart or anywhere like that)


Mike and Dee said...

Ticket to Ride is a great game! That's a great idea to play games on Christmas Eve, especially since the weather has been so awful. I'm glad your family had a wonderful Christmas! We got Rock Band as well (not 2), but we haven't opened it yet! I know it will be great because of the posts on your blog!


What a great idea! We do the pj's too and there are years where they just haven't needed them. This year they really did so it worked out. I'm gonna save this in the archives of my brain for future years though. Splendid! Those games look SOOO fun!

McCulley's said...

I love that you use the same terminology as me (scrumpdidly umtious, doozy) We do pjs too I love the game Idea I'll have to remember that when we get bored of pjs. we love outdoor challenge hope you guys like it too! I push Justin off when he jumps!

McCulley's said...

did you ever notice i write alot on your comments! What is my prob, then I come back for more! LOL

Nene said...

I totally love your game idea!

What an awesome Christmas. You guys all got spoiled! We got Killer Bunnies too! And I love Ticket to Ride! Fun, fun, fun!

Shill and Company said...

Wow, sounds like Santa was very good to your family.

We also received a plethora of wii games. What would we all do without our wii's? It's a sad thought isn't it?

Very cute pictures!