Sunday, December 7, 2008

"It's just nice to meet another human that shares my affinity for elf culture."

Just as Jovie was decorating Gimble's North Pole, we've been doing ours too!
We began right after Thanksgiving by putting up the tree (of course).
Then, Wednesday we went to pick out our ornaments...

This is "Super's" for her affinity for Rock Band.
This is "Loo's" for Fiddler on The Roof

Sue's is for Oklahoma

Jason's is for his love of Disneyland

Mine is a snowman head (not pictured because it's boring). The snowman is sort-of a fall-back for me. If I can't think of an ornament that suits me, Snowman to the rescue!
And yesterday, Jason hung the lights on the outside of the house. Loo wanted to be up there too, so up she can't tell her "no". So all she did up there is just sit, sit, sit. And she did not like it. Not one single bit. She really wanted to help.

Notice the sky in these pictures. Not a single cloud to be found. And Loo's in flip flops. Only a light jacket on. This is December!Super spent her time outside jump-roping and riding her bike.

So, I think the halls are completely decked now. (or at least as much as they're going to be this year). When it's dark, sometime soon, I will go take a picture of the house.

I think it would be fitting to have these 3 songs for you today:

Deck the Halls: by John Denver and the Muppet's, White Christmas: by none other than Bing Crosby, and finally, Because I want to send Mother Nature good vibes...Winter Wonderland by Harry Connick Jr. **please snow** please snow** please snow** please snow**


Nene said...

Your house looked so awesome last night!!! Nice job on the lights. And your ornaments ROCK!

McCulley's said...

I love that you do ornaments too. Ours were Yet another Star wars one for Corb, A High School Musical For Kaydee, she is in love with Zac, and hello kitty for Braed's which is so fitting because all she says anymore is HELLL-O!