Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Nevr Let Kids Eat Shoogr"

"Sup" said something funny today and I didn't want to forget what it was, SO I took my own advise and wrote it down right after she said it! Yeah me!

My phone was ringing this morning while I was trying to get "Super" off to school and myself ready for preschool. She said "Mom, I can't find the un-hookless phone." That made me laugh.
Also, this morning, she kept having brain cramps when we were trying to get her reading done (we were naughty and didn't do it last night). For some reason, every time we came to the word "had" she kept reading made. I kept giving her a hard time about it. I mean, hello, didn't she learn that word in kindergarten! On a side note: sometimes I think she has some dyslexia. It does run in the family.

And then, Friday, she had a sleepover with her cousin Hannah. They had been eating treats and drinking soda all night long. After a little while, they became pretty crazy. Super came in and gave Jason and I this note:
What a funny girl!

songs for this post:
My Girl: The Temptations
Thank Heaven for Little Girls: Mareece Chevalier (for some reason that song makes me think of Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast. I think it's his voice and his accent)


Shill and Company said...

Very cute. I'm afraid I love "shoogr" way too much!

Johanson said...

That's cute! Kids say the cutest things! By the way, Marissa is getting a little bored. Do you have openings for girls on Tuesday/Thursday? She goes on Wednesday, and I may keep that, but I just thought I would see. Thanks!

Nene said...

That had me cracking up! I'm still laughing as I write this!