Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Songs for everything?

This is for Jenny... and anyone else who is wondering:

I change my song every time I post because in my "real" life I have a song for everything! My kids say something and I will start singing a song that goes with the words they said. It could be a Barney song, a song from a musical, an oldie or a song from the radio now, but I can always come up with something! Most of the time, when I'm around other people, I hold in my song choice, but my kids and husband are the lucky ones (lol) who get to hear ALL of them! (Usually accompanied by finger snapping and terrible dancing). Anyway... sometimes I can't think of a song, or I can only think of one, so what I do is ask my hubby or Google it. For instance: I may put in "songs about friendship" or "songs about driving" etc. Google will usually come through for me!

So here are my songs for this post...thought I'm NOT going to put them on my playlist:

Song Song Blue (everybody knows one)- Niel Diamond
Sing. Sing a Song (sing out loud....sing out strong) I have no idea who sings that. I just know the song!
Do Re Me- Julie Andrews (Sound of Music): When you know the notes to sing....you can sing most anything!

(side note: I DID NOT use Google for these song choices. In case you were wondering. These came from my own little wooden head!...(that one's from Pinocchio)

So...I don't quite know how I do this. It is just one of my MANY MANY talents! :)



Love the new blog design AGAIN!

I want to have a "bust out in song at any moments notice" talent! NO FAIR!!!!! LUUUUCKKKY!!

I loved this! :)

Nene said...

My dad is the same way! He can bust out a song for any time or place. I love it! Your kids will look back and say it's one of the great memories they have of you!

Amanda said...

I think it is great! Many of the songs you list bring back great memories.