Saturday, September 13, 2008

3 Cheers for 3 Girls

I'm so proud of my kids!
Super is adjusting to being the only sibling at her school. In fact, she seems to be doing better now. Last year she was late 2-3 times a week. This year, she started off kind of rocky and was late twice the first week, but now she has completely turned around! She has only been late once since then (That was Fri. when we were cuddling and didn't want to get out of bed) We have a reward chart that is motivating her. She gets 3 stickers if she gets up well, and 3 stickers if she gets to school on time. Then she gets a sticker for each other thing she does to get ready (like hair, get dressed, etc.). Her chart has 50 boxes, and when it's full, she gets to go to the dollar store to pick out something. My younger kids LOVE the dollar store!

Loo has decided she isn't going to sit back and let her Jr. High years pass by without getting involved. So what is she doing? She's getting involved! The week before last, she tried out for a show-choir (sing while you dance thing), she found out Monday that she MADE IT!! And she's not stopping there. No sir eee! She's trying out for the school musical this week (I think). I love it! I love how involved she is getting!

And Sue. Wow! Talk about a full plate! As everyone knows she's doing cosmetology; which takes up 2 class periods each A and B day. Plus, this hair school stuff makes her 40 minutes late to her 3rd and 7th periods!!! Long story... I'll try to summarize very quick: her 3rd and 7th period classes determine which lunch she has, and both of those classes are 2nd lunch. She wouldn't be late at all if she had 1st lunch. And the two classes she is late for are classes she can't or won't drop. And, that's THAT story (whew). The other reasons her plate is so full is that she's still working about 15-20 hours per week, AND the week after Loo tried out for her thing, Sue tried out for her school musical, and MADE IT! So everyday lately her schedule is this: get up at 5:30, leave for school at 6:30, get done with school at 2:30 ish (I don't even know what time she gets out. That's sad) immediately after school is play practice, then straight from there, she goes to work! Busy busy busy! Sue has taken on another small endeavor too. This one, not nearly as time consuming or stressful (thank goodness) she is going to Homecoming! With this cute boy who was nominated for King. Don't worry Trent, if you are reading this...her heart still belongs to you. This guy is just a friend!

Here is my top 5 favorite list for today:
  1. getting up before anyone else in the house so that I don't feel guilty for blogging! (ahh- quiet time)
  2. having teenagers who are getting involved AND maturing!

  3. ... and a little one who is getting lots better at getting ready for school.

  4. a husband who rocks at making dinner (and enjoys it too)

  5. indoor plumbing! No outhouses, just do your business and flush it away (while in your unmentionables)

Song for today:

Kids of the Future: Jonas Brothers


Nene said...
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Shill and Company said...

They are all so awesome! Nice to hear that they are involved in so many fun things. They are all so driven to do their very best. That is very impressive.

Our love to all of you!

Amanda said...

Your girls are all getting so big and old. I can't believe you have a senior! you look WAY to young! I'm glad they are all doing will and excelling.