Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nevr Let Kids Eat Shoogr (continued)

I forgot to tell about something Super did a few weeks ago while we were shopping for school clothes.

I let Super get some magnet earrings from Claires. (she got two pair) Of course, she immediately wanted to wear them. We stopped, and put the cute little earrings on her little ears. She was holding her head funny like she didn't want to knock them off or something. It was cute. Anyway, when we got home from shopping, she walked in the door and started calling for Dax (our dog). Dax didn't respond the way Super thought she should, and so Sup told us " Dax doesn't even recognize me with my earrings on". So. Stinking. Cute!

How could I tell her that Dax just wasn't as excited about them as she was? :)
Note: This photo has NOTHING to do with this post. Sorry. I just really love that picture, and I miss swimming already! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love fall, but I love being at the pool even more! And, how could anything be cuter than that little goggle face!



I LOVE your cute new blog design!! (or maybe it's not new...dang google reader makes me not as up with the blog designs as I ought to be!)

I LOVED that note. and YOU should talk, I just love your writing style, I can always "feel" exactly what you're saying and I love it!

Nene said...

That picture is the best ever! I love everything about it!