Thursday, September 18, 2008

Super Day!

My 5 Faves for Today:

  1. Reading with Smash: We read 2 Fancy Nancy books both were very cute. Her clothes are exotic (that's a fancy name for weird) and the books are hilarious (that's a fancy name for funny).
  2. Holding Super's hand as we walked off school grounds and to the car.
  3. Singing Super a "lullaby". She doesn't usually call it that, but for some reason, tonight she did. She said "Momma, will you sing me a lullaby?" She even put a hint of sarcasm in the word lullaby because she usually asks me to sing her a song. Tonight, as always, it was It's a Jolly Holiday. The only thing that changes is whether or not I use her name or Mary.
  4. It's Thursday, which means I'm off for 3 days!!!
  5. Playing Rock Band with all of my girls! It is VERY RARE that all girls are home, but tonight they all were! AND We kicked some butt!

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