Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm trying this on for size...

I saw this idea on a friend- of- a -friend's blog. I'm trying it on for size....

5 Favorite Things for today:
  1. Our Country and the freedoms we enjoy
  2. Having a happy, healthy family.
  3. Relief Society (I miss it in there)
  4. Snuggling up with Ashley in my bed. (Unfortunately my other kids are a bit too old for cuddling)
  5. Coke (just finished mine. So refreshing.)
  6. (sorry had to add 1 more) My stereo. I LOVE cranking it up when it's just me here! (Then I don't have to worry about someone not liking what I want to be listening to.) I can get a lot accomplished when it's just me and the stereo :)



1. Ditto
3. Ditto ('cept mine is YW)
4. DITTO - blogged about it today!
5. DITTODITTODITTODITTO! I have still been without and have depended on a) going to lunch and getting one or b) waiting for Mark to get home with one. Lucky me, he thought he'd save time by grabbing us a 12 pack on the way home today for the weekend. That stuff is SO addicting!

I LOVED your list!! How fun!

Nene said...

Number 5 is my vice. I just can't quit it so I've stopped trying!